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Brands for sale, from Fabrik

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If you’re ready to launch your business, product or service, and need a brand name fast, you’ve come the right place. Fabrik, a leading naming agency, has a number of pre-crafted brands for sale, with .com domains.

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Despite common belief, a brand isn’t just the logo a graphic designer creates for your company. It’s also not your business name – even if that’s how your customers best remember you. A brand is so much more than most people realise.

The “Father of Advertising,”David Ogilvy famously described the brand as “The intangible sum of a product’s attributes.” However, even that definition may be slightly off. After all, you can argue that there’s more to a brand’s essence than even the products and services it sells. 

Typically, we find that the best way to describe a brand is as an idea. It’s the feeling that someone gets when they see your website and the perception that they share with others. Your brand is the thing that sparks loyalty in your advocates and inspires pride in your employees. 

It’s a culmination of your values, your mission, your vision, and all the visual and verbal assets that come together to breathe life into your company. 

So, can you buy a brand and still achieve an authentic brand essence? We believe you can…

Brands For Sale

Reasons to buy a pre-made brand

Though no-one can sell you the “soul” of your company, they can give you the assets that help to define your brand. While you’ll need to come up with the intangible things like what you want to achieve, and what your business stands for, there are other things that you can simplify. 

For instance, why spend weeks, or even months agonisingover the perfect company name when someone else can do it for you? Naming is one of the toughest parts of building an effective brand. 

It requires you to perfectly balance technical elements like “searchability,”with creativity and art.

As a specialist naming company, we often find that when people start looking for brands for sale, what they’re looking for is a name. 

Here at Fabrik, we might not be able to tell you who or what your brand is – but we can make it easier for you to identify it. Just imagine how much easier the branding process would be if you could simply buy a brand name.

Brands for sale at Fabrik 

Over the years, the team here at Fabrik has worked with countless companies, non-profits, and corporations. While all our clients have had their own unique challenges to face, we’ve found that one of the most resounding problems people face, is the lack of a name. 

People often assume that they can put finding a name off until the last minute. They use placeholders and Post-it Notes for months until they suddenly realise that they can’t have a brand if they don’t have a title. 

Your company name and your brand might not be the same thing – but one can’t exist without the other. Once you’ve found your moniker, you’ll also discover that it’s much easier to decide on other things. 

Names can inspire what your personality should be like, or how your logo might look. The value of a name often means that trying to build a brand without a title is like trying tobuilda house without foundations.

Even if you managed to put something together, you might find that the whole thing starts to crumble before you’ve had time to find success. 

Although we can’t offer complete brands for sale, we can give our customers access to all the tools they need to develop their identity. We often find that this is an excellentway to get started. 

Brands For Sale

Make building your brand easier

Creating a successful company is tough. Finding the right title for that venture can be just as challenging. 

Even if you find a name that you love, there’s always a chance that it could be taken before you get around to trademarking it. The longer you spend running in circles, searching for the same brand assets, the more time it takes to launch your company. 

With brands for sale from Fabrik, there’s a simpler solution. 

We start the process with a ready-to-purchase brand name. Each of the names that we have available today has been fully-vetted, checked, and created by experts for you. 

We’re committed to giving our clients names that are:

  • Memorable
  • Unique
  • Simple
  • Timeless
  • Available

We’ll even make sure that you’ve got a .com domain waiting for you. That way, you can make sure that your URL is clickable from day one. 

On top of that, Fabrik can help with all the other elements of your brand-building process too! Your name will come with a free-to-use placeholder logo that may inspire your visual strategy. Or, you can work with our team to come up with a new logo from scratch. 

We also offer services like:

  • Logo development
  • Website design
  • Visual and verbal identity
  • Digital marketing
  • Brand guidelines

Why buy brands for sale?

With our help, all you’ll have left to figure out for yourself is what you want to accomplish with your company. The chances are that you already have that part of your business worked out. After all, it’s what inspired you to begin your organisation in the first place. 

Once you’re ready to launch, we can work with you every step of the way, building your brand presence and improving awareness. 

Isn’t that so much easier than months of brainstorming?

As the world becomes increasingly competitive, it’s essential to ensure that your company has the right assets to thrive. With our strategy, you can simplify your route to market, without compromising on the heart, soul or creativity that makes your company special. 

No-one can create your brand like you, but Fabrik can give you the next best thing. 

Fabrik:branding agency for our times.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to the Fabrik NameStore. Browse our library, pick your favourite and grab yourself a ready-made brand name with a .com domain. Simple!