5 top-rated legit essay writing services in USA to complete your college assignment
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5 top-rated legit essay writing services in USA to complete your college assignment

Legit Essay Writing

If you want to know about the most legit essay writing services available in the USA today, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s begin…

Writing essays during school and college is one of the most frustrating things ever. You might have written a good essay full of facts and stats but ended up getting bad grades, maybe because your essay was good in terms of content but not quality. 

Why not accept the input of a legit essay writing and editing services for your next assignment? 

You must be wondering how to enhance the quality of your essays and ace your term. The answer to that is having your papers written and edited by professionals. There are many legit essay writing services available online

While not all services offer what they promise, some of them do their job extremely well. We have gone through numerous websites and compiled a list of the five best legit essay writing services below.

Please remember that not all companies provide quality results. Some of these companies are not even genuine, so be careful of scams. 

To make life easy for you, we’ve compiled the following list:

  1. PaperHelp.
  2. WriteMyEssays.
  3. GradeMiners.
  4. ExpertWriting.
  5. Speedy Paper.

Evaluation criteria

The five companies listed above have been chosen based on:

Editors’ proficiency

The first thing we noticed across the board is how good the writers are. We checked their qualifications and experience. We also checked the ratings and reviews that customers left for them. 

We chose only those essay writing companies whose authors are highly skilled and have favorable ratings and reviews.

Speed of delivery

Teachers can penalize you for the late submission of an essay. Some teachers might not even accept your essay for failing to submit it within the deadline. We have put only those companies on the list who are never late with delivery.

Customer support

Many issues can arise while you are ordering an edit of your essay. You might need help filling out the order form during payment, tracking the revision’s progress, and delivering the document. 

The companies should promptly address these issues so that your order goes through smoothly. We have considered only those companies that provide prompt customer support.

Pricing policy

The rates of essay writing must be affordable. The pricing policy must also be transparent so that you don’t have to bear any hidden costs later.

Our top-rated list contains only those companies with affordable rates and whose pricing policy is clear and available on the websites.

Now, let us look at the five best proofreading and editing services:

1. PaperHelp

Legit Essay Writing

PaperHelp is one of the best legit essay writing services. Their rating is a whopping 4.9 out of 5. They have serviced over 1 million students. They hire professional writers who will write, fix your essay and elevate the quality. 

High grades are guaranteed if PaperHelp editors edit your essays. Their editing services include plagiarism detection, good punctuation, perfect grammar and spellings, and great style.

Pricing depends on the number of pages in your essay, the academic level and the deadline. 

The pros of this company are numerous. You will have experienced editors writing your document, and it will be delivered to you on time. Prices are affordable, and there is a money-back policy if you are not happy with the edit. 

The only drawback that we saw was that it was difficult to navigate the website’s editing section.

2. WriteMyEssays

Legit Essay Writing

WriteMyEssays employs expert authors to write your essays. They will write your papers and make them free of errors. There will be no grammatical mistakes, and the style and tone will be of high quality. Your teachers will be impressed by your quality language!

Pricing for the service depends on the academic level you choose, the editor’s proficiency, the number of pages in the document, and the delivery time. The academic level of the essay and the cost of editing is directly proportional to each other. 

This means the higher the academic level, the greater the cost of editing. The same goes for editor proficiency. The Company terms 275 words as one page. The tighter the deadline, the more will be the rate of editing the essay.

WriteMyEssays has a price calculator on its website, making it easy to calculate the cost of writing your document.

3. GradeMiners

Legit Essay Writing

GradeMiners is a reputed company, and their authors are top-notch. They command an impressive 96% customer satisfaction percentage and are highly popular among students of all levels. 

9 out of 10 students have reported that their grades have improved after availing of the services of GradeMiners. If that doesn’t convince you of their capability, then we don’t know what will. 

GradeMiners’ legit writing services are provided by highly skilled experts who will write your paper, remove the fluff from your ready essays and make them more authoritative. There won’t be any typos and grammatical errors in your document. 

The pricing policy is the same as other companies. It depends on the academic level, the number of pages (1 page= 275 words) and the deadline. 

The pros are that you will get top-notch service; they will deliver professional writing by skilled authors, and your edited essay on time. The drawback is that GradeMiners is expensive. It is difficult for some students to afford their editing service.

4. ExpertWriting

Legit Essay Writing

The experts of ExpertWriting can not only write a perfect essay, but also to remove any errors from your document and organize it in a proper format. They can format it in any style like MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard and others. 

Their authors give you professional editing and academic writing. Your essay will be of the highest quality after you screen it through them.

The cost of writing your essay will depend on the academic level, the number of pages it has, your chosen editor’s proficiency, and the deadline. The Company considers 275 words as one page. 

The higher the proficiency of the writer, the higher the cost of the job. It is the same with the academic level. Also, the nearer the deadline is to the order date, the higher will be the price of editing.

The benefits of using ExpertWriting for writing your essays are that they have a price calculator on their website, the prices are comparatively lower, and professional editors will edit your essays. The drawback is that the order form is not user-friendly.

5. Speedy Paper

Legit Essay Writing

One more legit essay writing service. While other companies treat editing and proofreading as an extra service and concentrate on writing, Speedy Paper pays extra attention to their editing service, making them stand out from the rest.  

Speedy Paper’s experts will remove all typos and grammatical errors from your essay and edit certain parts of the document to elevate your essay. After the edits, your essay will garner praise and good grades from the teachers.

The cost of legit essay writing service will depend on the academic level, the number of pages in the document (one page equals 275 words) and the deadline. The cost will increase with the increase in academic level and the number of pages. 

The tighter the deadline, the higher is the cost of editing.

The plus points of this Company are that they give separate attention to editing services. It is easy to calculate the cost of editing with the price calculator on their website. It just takes about 2 minutes to order an edit. 

The downside is that sometimes edited essays come back with errors.


1. Do I need professional editing for my essays?

Yes, you do. If you want good grades, then you must have a professional editor edit your essays. They will remove all the typos, grammatical errors, plagiarized content and improve the essay’s language. These will have a positive impact on your grades.

2. What do I need to do to have my written essays professionally edited?

You first have to visit any one of the sites mentioned in the list above. Then navigate to the order form and fill in all the necessary details: the academic level of the essay, the number of pages it has, the deadline, and choose the preferred proficiency level of the editor. 

Provide other necessary instructions and guidelines, if any and upload your essay. If you have a budget, put the above information in the price calculator first and see how much you will pay. If it is within your budget, then go ahead.

3. Will the writing and editing be done on time?

Yes, it will be done on time. The authors work according to the timeline provided by you. If you are detailed and precise with the instructions, the writer can complete writing and editing before the deadline. 

Otherwise, it will take time, but even then, it will be delivered within the set deadline. A word of advice always sets the deadline 2 days before the school deadline of the essay.

Bottom line

Give your essays an edge over others with these legit essay writing services. It’s a smart move to have your essays professionally written and  edited. It increases the quality of your essays, and that reflects on your scores. 

It’s just not fair to write a good essay only to be marred by mediocre language. The above companies are the best in essay writing and will elevate the quality of your essays to the highest level. 

A little help on the quest to get good grades is not wrong at all. 

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