As doers rather than talkers, we prefer to let our work speak for itself. That’s why we’re pleased when clients say positive things about our work and the way we work. We could tell you about the the quality of the work we do and how great we are to work with. But the most revealing way to tell you about Fabrik is to ask our clients what they think…


We love our new brand, it’s pulled our entire place of study together. Brilliant strategically with an unrivaled understanding of FE, tempered with great design and the best project team I’ve work with.

Graham Razey

East Kent College

Fabrik certainly went beyond our brief, but in a good way. They firmly grasped the nettle and in doing to so they helped us to make the transition to a more efficient way of working.

Margaret Emmens
Marketing Director

Knight Frank

There’s not much I can add really, the hugely positive response from our students to ‘MyBirkbeck’ speak volumes about Fabrik’s unique approach to design and brand communication.

Monica Law
Head of Comms


It’s a question of trust, skill and integrity that makes Fabrik one of our preferred design agencies. The team at Fabrik has played an important part in the roll-out of our new brand to our residents. Always objective and constructive, never precious, they’re a great bunch to work with.

Xanthe Smith
External Comms Manager

Affinity Sutton

Fabrik is managing a truly international account and does nothing but an outstanding job. We can seamlessly discuss and deliver culturally diverse communication projects in English to our French head office in Paris or learning campus in Singapore and all from Fabrik’s second office in Copenhagen.

Laura Cullen
Head of Marketing

AXA University

Fabrik didn’t get started on the design until it had a firm understanding of our business model, service offerings and culture. This in-depth knowledge provided the rationale for our re-brand and made it much easier for us to agree the final design approach.

Matt McDermott
Sales & Marketing