Visual Identity

Visual Identity

How to construct your brand in a meaningful way, using visual identity designers.

If your brand is tired, tarnished or in need of revitalisation, you’ve come to the right agency. We’re Fabrik, a visual identity design agency in London.

For many years we’ve been using the regenerative power of visual identity design to move organisations forward in surprising, unexpected ways. We like to think the only thing predictable about Fabrik, is the consistently high level of creativity (and client service) we deliver.

Here’s the question: Is visual identity about more than primary identifiers, such as logos and symbols? We believe it is, in that visual identity calls for bigger picture thinking. It’s what makes one organisation recognisable by the colour red, and another by the colour blue. In fact, as a brand-building component, visual identity is hard to beat, whether a company is refreshing, repositioning or reinventing.

In many ways, visual identity is like any other form of visual wrapping. It’s how people distinguish between companies, and their products and services. It’s the façade that draws in the crowds. We acknowledge that there’s more to a brand than an attention-grabbing visual identity, of course. While an organisation’s visual identity requires star quality, substance plays an equal role.

A polished visual identity alone won’t make a brand, but without it, an organisation would barely exist. The invisible brand.

Visual Identity

We deliver style and substance, not guesswork

To make sense of an organisation’s identity we often start by deconstructing it. Then we reassemble it in a more meaningful way. To achieve this, our team of visual identity designers and strategists combine nous with vigorous, fresh, creative thinking. Between us, we create visual identities that make brands tangible, in relevant and aesthetically pleasing ways.

Before we begin to create your identity, we’ll set about gaining an in-depth understanding of your business, Intrigued by what differentiates one organisation from another, we relish this investigative process. We explore the competitive landscape – what’s hot, what’s not? We look for opportunities to isolate ‘gaps’ in a given sector, aware these gaps could—potentially—be occupied by our clients.

When the groundwork is complete, we’ll report our findings, providing opinions and ideas that are supported by insight. This period of fact-finding provides the platform for every visual identity developed by Fabrik. Only when everyone is headed in the same direction, do we set to work.

So, can visual identity designers really bring a renewed sense of purpose to a jaded brand? If we consider branding as varnish, then the answer is no. If, however, a brands identity is revitalised in a way that builds on its history and heritage, then the answer is a resounding yes. Which is why we direct our energy (and talent) toward differentiating and re-positioning organisations, making them more relevant and recognisable.

Visual Identity

Working with the visual identity basics

As seasoned professionals, we get to grips with the visual identity basics. The building blocks of any brand. We ask fundamental questions like… What does Times New Roman say about your company? Does it really express your brand personality? Is it available as a web font? A powerful visual identity uses typography that works effectively everywhere, while colour adds to a brands vocabulary. Are there any sector norms? We’ll explore the psychology of colour, and consider options to achieve standout in your sector.

Meanwhile, imagery and shape are capable of providing the most immediate of visual triggers. If a picture says a thousand words, what does your brand photography say about you? By considering all the competent parts of visual (and verbal) identity, from graphic design to tone of voice, we’ll decide if you whisper, waffle or scream. Combined, these elements lead to a visual look and feel that will speak volumes about your organisation.

Identity is the visual manifestation of a brand. It establishes credibility and provides an open window into an organisation, expressing its personality. From the rugged to the sophisticated, competent and sincere, Fabrik will build on the values most closely aligned to your brand. We’ll come armed with concepts, mood boards and trial applications and show you ideas from evolutionary to revolutionary, gauging the opinions of your people.

Appealing to the senses, we’ll also explore straplines – ranging from the descriptive to the superlative and provocative. And, we’ll arrange your brand architecture in a more logical way, while maintaining beloved brand status. If your offering and brand identity have become disconnected, let us reconnect them. We’ll develop a visual identity that differentiates you to the outside world, and bed it into your organisation at every level.

Fabrik’s visual identity services:

  • Identity design
  • Tone of voice
  • Image styles
  • Photography
  • Brand architecture
  • Implementation
  • Brand assets
  • User guidelines

Is visual identity on your agenda?

Whether you require a visual identity refresh, or brand-new identity, talk to Fabrik. Throughout the process, we’ll think strategically and act objectively.

We’ll deliver tangible creative solutions, and apply ideas and concepts to give your brand a new sense of direction. If you’re serious about change, drop us a line, or give us a call…

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