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There many marketing companies in London. Can we convince you to come to Fabrik?

In business you have to play to your strengths. If you can’t do something, get help.

That applies to marketing as much as anything else. Publicising your products or services in this noisy world is hard. Consumers are bombarded daily with sophisticated advertising, and they’re savvier than ever. To be heard, you need to approach your marketing with rigour, intelligence and creativity. Otherwise you could end up wasting time and money. This is where a marketing company can help. On this page we’ll explain how Fabrik, a marketing company in London, works with organisations of all sizes to help them grow.

Marketing is a broad term. Fundamentally it’s about promotion aimed at making a sale. At Fabrik we offer a complete service, tackling all types of marketing challenges to help you reach customers. This means we’re a marketing company that can handle not only your inbound and outbound marketing needs, but your branding and strategy as well. And we’re set up to deal with quick, tactical pieces of work just as efficiently as we manage longer-term projects.

Let’s elaborate on the categories listed above — branding, inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Your requirements probably fit into one, or several, of the following areas.


This includes naming, slogans, logos, and packaging ie the presentation and image of your product or service.

Inbound marketing

Pulling the customer in with useful information. Inbound marketing includes: websites, blogs, search engine optimisation, content marketing, social media, videos, and events.

Outbound marketing

Reaching out to an audience with your most powerful sales messages. Outbound marketing covers: advertising, newsletters, brochures, press releases, and direct mail.

How can we deliver in all these areas? Basically because we’ve been at it a good while, helping clients from many sectors and parts of the world. Over the past decade we’ve worked with listed multinationals, private companies, startups, education providers, and non-profits. This diverse client list helps keep our thinking fresh. As a marketing company in London, an epicentre of creative talent, we’re recognised for thinking and acting globally. We’re lucky to collaborate with brands from all over, including the US, the Middle East, Asia and, of course, Europe.

Marketing Companies

Busting through marketing deadlock

Marketing activities often stall, or fail to get off the ground in the first place, because they place intense strain on multiple areas of your business. This can result in deadlock. Perhaps you struggle to get everyone to agree on important decisions. You might be too close to the product or service to see the best way forward. Or maybe your team lacks the time or the skills to do what’s needed. When faced with any of these issues, the time is right to delegate to one of the marketing companies in London.

When talented and opinionated professionals collaborate, they don’t always see eye to eye. This can make undertaking marketing activities a pain rather than a pleasure. Outside partners like marketing companies can bring your teams together, whatever their preconceptions of marketing, and unite them behind a common goal. Sometimes businesses have the opposite problem — too much agreement. Marketing companies can help here too, challenging widely held opinions to avoid the dangers of groupthink.

Another boon of using marketing companies is being able to draw on skills your own employees might not possess. As a marketing company in London our team is a packed with talented designers, writers and thinkers. But we know creativity should always serve a purpose. We’re not making art. At least not on your time. When you pay for our services you pay to work with experts: a team of seasoned professionals who know how to unleash powerful ideas then put them to work furthering the goals of your organisation.

Before we roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty, you have to brief us. Once you have, our first thoughts are about getting to know you, your competitors and your industry. Using this insight we create a tailored marketing plan. Then, crucially, we put the plan into action. Going a little deeper, most projects we take on follow a six-stage process:

  • 1. Define the mission — your company’s purpose.
  • 2. Analyse your business — its audience, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.
  • 3. Create a marketing strategy — set goals and decide how we’re going to reach them.
  • 4. Choose your marketing mix — the most effective combination of channels and content.
  • 5. Create and publish content — let those babies fly.
  • 6. Monitor the results — (insert superlatives here).
Marketing Companies

Delve in before you reach out

Sometimes you need a piece of marketing — say an email marketing campaign or a new website — done quickly. That’s fine and we can help. But there are huge benefits to be gained when a more holistic approach is adopted. By this we mean looking at the company as a whole, digging deep into the brand and unearthing unseen opportunities. Then exploiting these opportunities by producing a suite of consistent marketing materials.

This kind of in-depth brand interrogation is complex and time consuming. A marketing company like Fabrik can take these onerous tasks off your hands. The first step is to access the raw materials that can transformed into great ideas. We do this with your staff and customers via workshops, testing sessions, interviews, and surveys. Once the sweat has dried, we compile and distil the findings into digestible pieces of intelligence that can be used to build or strengthen your marketing strategy.

All the insight in the world won’t help if the marketing that results from it is not consistent. Inconsistent marketing confuses people, while familiarity is reassuring. It’s just how our brains work. If you want to build a strong brand, your communications need to be steady. To make sure they are, marketing companies in London ask questions like ‘Does the content on your social media channels complement that of your email marketing?’ And ‘Do your advertising campaigns look and read in a way that’s consistent with your website?’

Fabrik’s marketing services:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Engagement planning
  • Media evaluation
  • Audience persona’s
  • Research & reporting
  • Tone of voice & social
  • Design concepts
  • Content generation
  • Creative direction
  • Top-level messaging
  • Application testing
  • Bespoke photography

The right marketing company for you?

Getting your marketing right will have a huge impact on your business — its sense of purpose and its bottom line. Getting it wrong…well, it doesn’t bear thinking about really. The mission at a marketing company like Fabrik is to help you get it right every time. We have tried and tested ways of doing things, but we always adapt our service to suit your needs.

This applies whether we’re promoting an entirely new brand or re-energising an existing one. This is why more and more businesses around the world trust Fabrik with their marketing and branding. Could you be next?

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