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Integrated Marketing

Want your marketing to be consistently good? You need an integrated marketing agency.

Imagine you have a friend who behaves differently every time you see her. Sometimes she’s lively, other times she’s serious, and sometimes she acts like she doesn’t even know you.

How would that make you feel? Confused, most likely. You’d probably think twice about maintaining the relationship.

That’s exactly how people feel when your marketing efforts don’t gel. If consumers get a different impression every time they interact with your brand, they won’t build trust, and they certainly won’t become regular customers. And that’s a damn shame.

On this page, we’ll explore how an integrated marketing agency in London can help you tie all your marketing together, so you can build trust and a successful brand.

An integrated marketing agency has the capacity and know-how to manage a range of marketing efforts. It’s a team of marketing professionals with different areas of complementary expertise. They work together, at your command, to ensure efficient, coherent and effective campaigns. With so many channels available, an integrated marketing agency saves you time and money by offering a range of services in one place. The result is a consistent message communicated across a harmonious mix of marketing channels.

Why is consistency important? It’s basic human psychology, really. People like seeing things they’ve encountered before. In a mad world, familiarity is reassuring and requires less mental energy to process. To ensure consistency, an integrated marketing agency asks questions like ‘Do your emails and blog posts complement your social media channels?’ And ‘Does your Facebook page look and read in a way that is consistent with your website?’ Consumers do notice these things, and they favour brands whose communications are steady.

At Fabrik, we’ve been helping businesses integrate their marketing for nearly ten years, which means we know what works and what doesn’t and can advise accordingly. Integrating communications is a bigger challenge today than it was in the past, due to the proliferation of available channels, including digital marketing, social media, and video. We’ve embraced these changes, and we have the experience and expertise to help our clients communicate powerfully across all channels, from email footers to YouTube channels.

Integrated Marketing Agency

How to achieve consistent marketing

The world is full of marketing noise: thousands of brands shouting over the top of each other. You can forgive consumers for wanting to shut their eyes and stick their fingers in their ears. To overcome marketing fatigue and be heard, you need a consistent and memorable message. An integrated marketing agency like Fabrik helps you hone your brand message, then choose the right channels on which to communicate that message.

It stands to reason that the more channels you communicate on, the more people you’ll reach. But not every channel is suitable for every business. Our integrated marketing agency will help you choose the right blend of advertising, digital marketing, direct marketing, social media, B2B communications, graphic design, copywriting, and brand strategy. Making this choice is about ensuring you use the channels where your customers are, and use them well.

As we’ve already explained, wherever you decide to communicate with your customers, putting out a consistent message is important. Unfortunately, for most businesses, projects such as press releases, advertising initiatives, sales promotions, and direct marketing drives are separate campaigns. This is especially true in large organisations with multiple offices and big marketing teams. In this situation, the company gets everything it needs, but each element doesn’t necessarily complement the others. This is inefficient and potentially harmful.

Working with an integrated marketing agency in London is different. An agency brings consistency to your marketing by focusing on the things that make your brand unique. The look of your brand, its written personality, the style of imagery you use – these are important components of your brand that, once defined, can be rolled out reliably across different marketing channels. To ensure these assets are used properly, an integrated marketing agency can create guidelines that explain your visual and verbal identity. These user-friendly manuals will assist anyone, internal or external, marketing your brand.

Integrated Marketing Agency

You call the shots

Working with an integrated marketing agency doesn’t just make your marketing more effective. It makes your life easier too. Rather having to manage, say, a copywriter, graphic designer, video production company, and social media agency separately (think of the emails!) an integrated marketing agency does it all, while you call the shots. And you have only one point of contact, which makes communication quick and simple.

An integrated marketing agency in London will tailor their service to suit your needs. But the rough process can be broken down into a few basic steps. First, a dissection of the brief, asking any necessary questions to fill in gaps. Then, a close examination of your audience to clarify just what makes them tick. Followed by a review of your marketing goals to make sure they’re focused and achievable. Next, an audit of your existing marketing channels and content to identify the areas that need work. Finally, once changes have been made – impact measurement.

Fabrik’s integrated marketing services:

  • Communication audits
  • Competitor analysis
  • Communication strategy
  • Marketing planning
  • Concept development
  • Top-level messaging
  • Tactical communications
  • Brand management

Is integrated marketing on your agenda?

The result of working with an integrated marketing agency is a seamless journey for customers, from one channel to the next. The customer gets to know your brand a bit better each time they interact with it, allowing you to build a relationship and claim that all-important territory in their mind. Fabrik has a successful track record of integrating marketing.

We can save you time and ensure your marketing efforts have maximum impact. So it’s goodbye to cat herding, and hello to having a crack team of marketing experts at your disposal.

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