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Corporate Identity

Fabrik is a corporate identity design agency in London.

To some, corporate identity is slightly old-fashion terminology. Misunderstood and under-communicated in these brand obsessed, non-corporate, times. Not so at Fabrik.

We think an organisation is as likely to by judged by its corporate identity as anything else. We believe a consistent ‘look & feel’ is as important to a .org as it is to a .com. We don’t draw a line between them. We have no no-go areas or pre-conceived ideas. We create corporate identities that cover all subject matters. In any sector. Whether you’re a tech-startup or a not-for-profit, distinctiveness and ease-of-use come as standard. And, while we’re an industrious bunch, we never bypass the fundamentals for the sake of speed. Rather, we’ll create reasons for people to buy-into your brand, and then provide access to it 24/7. Whether or not you’re a corporate.

At Fabrik, our commitment as corporate identity designers runs deep. This specialisation reflects a basic truth of creativity. We use insight and strategic thinking to guide us to interesting creative outcomes. In our experience, an organisations corporate identity often creates the first impression. Which is why we’ll work hard to understand your proposition, and then make your brand easier to navigate. We’ll add distinctive imagery and messaging to engage and encourage your audiences. And create user guidelines to ensure your brand communications remain on track. And on message. And, even if your corporate identity is looking its age, it’s never too late to be the type of brand you’ve always wanted to be. Fabrik can re-enforce (or re-invent) your brand positioning. Bringing it alive through a new or refreshed corporate identity, establishing a consistent vocabulary along the way. One that’s shared by your people, ensuring you look (and sound) at your best, all of the time. Because that’s the type of corporate identity that will live, and last.

Corporate Identity Agency London

Revitalising or reinventing corporate identities.

We build new corporate identities, from the ground up. And re-build existing corporate identities – with or without a change of logo. Whether you’re a startup or starting afresh. Whether you need to raise venture capital, or awareness in the boardroom, the path we take, and the care we take along it, remains the same. We’ll unearth characteristics from the outside in, and reflect them through messaging and collateral. We’ll bring visual consistency to brand architectures and make sense of mergers, acquisitions and portfolios. So, whether you want to reposition, renew, or go global. Enter new markets, or strengthen your case in existing ones. Fabrik can help. And we’ll remain on hand to oversee and manage your corporate identity, giving it the best possible start to life.

Corporate identity is tangible. It appeals to the senses. It increases recognition, and memorability. The right corporate identity design stands out in a densely populated space. It demonstrates a readiness to invest in the future. A desire to lead. It connects emotionally, creating lifelong relationships. And it gives employees an opportunity to join the debate. People will trust and believe in it, because it’s built on authenticity and truth. Corporate identity designers like Fabrik provide differentiation, making organisations easier to recognise, and remember. They make big ideas and meaning accessible. They take disparate elements, and unify them into whole visual identity systems. Making more of what you have to offer. If Fabrik sounds like your kind of corporate identity design agency, get in touch for an assessment of your brand.

Corporate identity services:

  • Positioning & strategy
  • Re-branding & naming
  • Logo marks & branding
  • Visual & verbal identity
  • Identity user guidelines
  • Brand management

Is corporate identity on your agenda?

At Fabrik, we seize every opportunity to raise awareness. As practitioners of corporate identity design we must. The corporate identities we create build reputations by unearthing opinions and insights that feed into the way an organisation looks (and sounds). And we extend goodwill beyond a brand’s target audience.

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