PC Specialist

Inventive product naming for new laptop range.


PC Specialist is one of Europe’s leading computer hardware specialists, building all types of desktops and laptops to order. They are most well known for high-end gaming products that allow customers to configure machines to their exact personal specifications. 

The company were looking to restructure its laptops, to consolidate some models and introduce new ones. They briefed Fabrik to create a family of 6 product names, covering everything from entry level, to mid range and high-end gaming machines. The new names also needed to complement some existing products that would remain in the portfolio.

We agreed a naming criteria, opting for invented names that are both short and easy to pronounce. We also avoided some clichés in the space, such as names that had a fantasy feel, were linked to sci-fi or a space theme. These formed the basis of our brief and our team worked through our naming process to create the new names. 

The first products launched are:

  • Initia (Derives from initiate, to effortlessly get going with your day to day activities and for their thin & light product)
  • Ionico (Derives from ionic, a highly charged entry level gaming laptop)
  • Elimina (Derives from eliminate, an empowering gaming tool that obliterates the competition)

The remaining 3 products in the suite will launch in the coming months.

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