The best luxury brands from France (and their logos)
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The best luxury brands from France (and their logos)

Best Luxury Brands from France

French luxury brands represent some of the biggest, most profitable companies in the world. While luxury might be a global concept, the French seem to exude opulence better than most, thanks to their phenomenal history in the fashion, jewelry, and accessories space. Luxury brands from France know how to capture the attention, loyalty, and desire of customers better than most.

For centuries, designers from France have positioned themselves as true innovators in their space, capable of adapting to consumer trends, exploring new ideas, and preserving phenomenal brand equity.

Customers associate France with some of the biggest fashion and beauty retailers in the world, from Yves Saint Laurent, to Cartier, and Balmain.

In fact, statistics show that France ranks as the world’s leading country for high-end fashion, out-performing powerhouse regions like Italy, Great Briton and the US.

Today, we’re going to be looking at the logos and origins of some of the most phenomenal French luxury brands around.

Why are most Luxury brands French?

Interestingly, while France is considered the epicenter of luxury fashion and accessories by most, it’s not always ranked as the biggest country for luxury goods. According to a report from 2022, the American luxury goods industry is the biggest by far, generating around $65 billion in 2020 alone.

However, French luxury brands seem to climb to the top of the luxury list in certain industries. For instance, Louis Vuitton was ranked as the most popular brand in the world in 2023, achieving the top spot among consumers in 81 countries.

This fact provides an interesting insight into the impact brand equity can have on the way we perceive not only companies, but their origin countries.

French designers have been building a reputation as leaders in their industry for centuries. In fact, one of the world’s very first fashion designers came from France. In the 18th century, Rose Bretin was named the minister of fashion for Marie Antionette, sparking a transformation in the fashion space.

While France as a country has a strong presence in the luxury market, Paris is the city most associated with elegance and opulence. For decades, the city has played host to a number of boutique brands, particularly in the fashion and jewelry industries.

Today, many luxury brands even reference their Parisian origins in their logo designs.

What luxury brands originate in France?

Luxury items to buy in France

The term “luxury brand” and “luxury fashion brand” are often confused in the modern world. Many of us associate luxury with beauty, accessories, and clothing. However, luxury brands can sell a wide variety of products, from opulent automobiles to homeware.

In France, luxury brands appear most often in the fashion and accessories landscape, selling everything from amazing shoes to diamond-encrusted earrings.

Travelers flock to France to purchase iconic handbags, designer perfumes, and even luxury foods and beverages such as champagne and caviar.

Some of the most common luxury brand categories in France include:

  • Automobiles: Such as Bugatti.
  • Alcoholic beverages: Such as Veuve Clicquot (Champagne).
  • Luxury fashion products: Like Yves Saint Laurent, Balmain, and Chanel.
  • Luxury furniture: Such as Ligne Roset and Roche Bobois.
  • Accessories (watches and bags): Like Cartier and Breguet.
  • Jewelry: Such as Van Cleef & Arpels and Boucheron.

The amazing logos of top luxury brands from France

Part of what makes luxury French brands so compelling, is the way they build eye-catching, unforgettable brands. The French are experts at conveying elegance and authority in their logo designs, marketing campaigns, and color palettes.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most famous luxury brands from France, and their logos.

Best Luxury Brands from France

1. Bugatti

While many of the luxury brands from France stem from the fashion world, there are still plenty of examples of luxurious branding to explore from other industries. In the automotive sector, for instance, Bugatti is well-known as a developer of stunning, high-quality vehicles.

While the company relied on a relatively complex logo for a number of years, taking inspiration from the founder’s history in the jewelry industry, the emblem today is much simpler.

The current Bugatti logo is a simple black and white wordmark, with the letters of the name written all in uppercase.

The design conveys sophistication, strength, and authority.

Find out more about the Bugatti logo here.

Best Luxury Brands from France

2. Balmain

First introduced in 1945 by Pierre Balmain, the Balmain brand is an icon of French fashion. The luxury fashion house has earned its reputation as an innovator of luxury, by creating a host of highly exclusive products, sold in specific stores across the globe.

Balmain follows the trends set by many French clothing brands in its logo. The emblem features a simple wordmark, set across two levels. Both parts of the inscription use all uppercase letters to demonstrate stability and excellence.

The “Paris” section of the logo draws attention to the company’s pride in its origins, the fashion capital of the world.

Best Luxury Brands from France

3. Cartier

Best known for its jewelry and accessories than traditional made-to-wear fashion, Cartier is definitely a company worth mentioning in this list. The French luxury goods conglomerate was founded by Louis-François Cartier in 1847, within the fashion capital of Paris.

Cartier’s products are today favored by celebrities and royalty alike.

The Cartier logo highlights the company’s commitment to opulence, with a sleek and sophisticated wordmark. The cursive typeface, with its sharp serifs demonstrate a combination of authority, influence, and phenomenal grace.

Best Luxury Brands from France

4. Chanel

Another example of a phenomenal luxury French fashion house, Chanel is one of the best-known companies in the world.

Introduced to the landscape in the early 1900s by Coco Chanel, the Chanel company is one of the oldest luxury fashion brands around, known for influencing the evolution of haute couture and high fashion for French women.

Chanel’s logo is instantly recognizable, featuring a bold, sans-serif wordmark, placed beneath an iconic monogram. The interlocking “C’s” in the logo create a shape similar to the elegant links in a chain.

This symbol is used not just in the brand’s logo, but across the garments and accessories produced by the organization too.

Find out more about the Chanel logo here.

Best Luxury Brands from France

5. Celine

Once known as “Céline”, Celine is one of the most popular French luxury fashion brands in the modern market. The company specializes in ready-to-wear fashion and luxury leather goods.

First launched in 1945, the company was created by Céline Vipiana, and initially used a red elephant in its logo design. Today, however, the emblem is much simpler.

Similar to the Chanel and Balmain brands, Celine uses a sans-serif typeface for its black and white inscription. The letters are evenly spaced and well-balanced, demonstrating the precision of the brand.

In some cases, the word “Paris” is also placed below the wordmark.

Best Luxury Brands from France

6. Christian Louboutin

Perhaps one of the most recognizable French luxury brand logos in the footwear industry, the Louboutin logo is a symbol of high fashion around the world.

Christian Louboutin developed his eponymous brand with a focus on stunning women’s footwear, often featuring an iconic red sole.

Like other high-end fashion houses, the Louboutin company uses a wordmark for its emblem. However, in this case, the design is far more intimate and personalized.

The handwritten “signature style” design seems to highlight the desire of the French designer to embed his own personal style and values into the company.

Best Luxury Brands from France

7. Dior

Another of the top luxurious French fashion brands in the world today, Dior is best-known for producing a range of shoes and clothing, only available in branded stores.

Founder Christian Dior created the company in 1946, and has had a significant impact on the industry ever since.

Though minimalistic in style, the Dior logo exudes authority and elegance. The sleek and sophisticated lines in the typeface demonstrate quality and greatness.

The decision to use all capital letters, and a serif-style font was also significant. The serif typeface shows history and heritage, while the uppercase letters symbolize strength.

Best Luxury Brands from France

8. Mugler

The Mugler French luxury fashion house was founded in 1970, by Thierry Mugler himself. Though Mugler has since passed away, the Mugler name still carries significant weight among luxury French brands.

Renowned for its Avant Garde collections, Mugler has created signature looks for some of the world’s biggest celebrities, including the little black dress worn by Demi Moore in Indecent Proposal.

After years of using a relatively simplistic wordmark as a logo, the Mugler company updated its brand identity recently, to feature a signature-style design. The hand-written nature of the emblem highlights the company’s creativity and passion for fashion.

Best Luxury Brands from France

9. Lanvin

Lanvin is well-known as one of the oldest and best French fashion brands around. Established in 1189 by Jeanne Lanvin, the company was developed after Lanvin’s designs for her daughter caught the attention of the aristocracy.

Today, this French company is known for creating a host of iconic pieces for famous celebrities worldwide.

Similar to the Dior logo, the Lanvin emblem appeals to modern Parisian women and global customers alike with a sophisticated serif wordmark. The sharp edges and points in the design make the company appear bold, confident, and innovative.

Best Luxury Brands from France

10. Givenchy

Considered an icon of French Style, the “House of Givenchy”, or just “Givenchy” was founded by Hubert Givenchy in 1952. Gaining critical acclaim in the luxury fashion industry with modern, eye-catching pieces, Givenchy even designed clothing for the famous Audrey Hepburn.

Givenchy also uses a minimalistic wordmark for its logo, with significant white space between each letter, to further enhance the company’s confident personality. Givenchy is also well-known for using a monogram on many designs, which features four interlocking “G’s”.

Best Luxury Brands from France

11. Hermes

Not to be confused with the postage service, the Hermes fashion brand from Paris was launched back in 1837.

Initially, the founder, Thierry Hermès focused on the creation of harnesses and saddles for wealthy carriage owners in France. This history still forms a significant part of the company’s logo today, in the image of the horse and cart.

The Hermes logo appears in various color palettes, including a black and white variation, and a brighter, orange version. This eye-catching combination mark blends futuristic, bold typeface choices with a detailed image, to highlight a focus on both the past and the future.

Best Luxury Brands from France

12. Louis Vuitton

First established in 1854, Louis Vuitton is another exceptional French luxury fashion house, known throughout the world. The company began by selling a variety of custom luggage and accessory options, before branching out into different areas of the fashion market.

The official Louis Vuitton logo features a simple sans-serif wordmark, carefully spaced to show strength and balance. However, the company is perhaps best-known for the “LV” monogram, which appears on a number of bags, accessories, and clothing items.

Best Luxury Brands from France

13. Chloé

Currently one of the most popular fashion brands in France, Chloé is a luxury fashion company based in Paris. Owned by the Richemont holding company, Chloé is responsible for designing clothing for many major celebrities, such as Madonna, and Emma Stone.

The garments created by Chloé are often youthful and bohemian, a vibe which shines through in the company’s logo. The high-end brand uses a simple serif wordmark, depicted in a soft shade of peach, to showcase femininity and class.

Best Luxury Brands from France

14. Goyard

Otherwise known as Maison Goyard, Goyard is a French leather goods and bag manufacturer, established first in 1792.

Like a number of famous French fashion brands, Goyard has its own monogram emblem, which appears on a number of its products. The image features all of the letters of the company’s name, encased inside of the letter “G”.

The official Goyard logo is a golden wordmark, depicted in a simple, elegant font, with large curves and shorter lines. In most cases, the word “Paris” appears underneath the inscription, drawing attention to the origins of the long-lasting company.

Best Luxury Brands from France

15. Lancôme

One of the better-known luxury French brands specializing in the beauty and cosmetics space, Lancôme is a multinational cosmetics and perfume company. First created in 1935, the current brand is owned by the larger L’Oreal brand, also located in France.

Interestingly, the name of the company was inspired by the forest of Lancosme, which is located within the French region of Brenne. The sophisticated serif typeface used in the Lancôme logo highlights the traditional nature of the business, and its long-standing heritage.

Best Luxury Brands from France

16. Van Cleef & Arpels

A historic entry on our list of luxury brands from France, Van Cleef & Arpels is a luxury jewelry company, first launched in 1896 by Alfred Van Cleef and his father in law, Salomon Arpels.

The vendor is best-known for producing pieces which feature elements of nature, such as flowers and animals. Some of the brand’s pieces were even worn by the Princess of Wales.

The Van Cleef & Arpels logo is a simple and elegant emblem, featuring slim, serif letters, with long lines, to demonstrate sophistication and grace.

Best Luxury Brands from France

17. Longchamp

Well-known in the leather goods space, Longchamp is one of the most famous French luxury brands in the world today. The company is best-known for their unique use of nylon in the handbag space, which led to the creation of the Le Pliage bag.

Longchamp chose a relatively minimalistic design for its logo, featuring the letters of its name in a slightly short, squat sans-serif font. The points on the letters are particularly sharp, perhaps to demonstrate the company’s commitment to innovation and discovery.

The word “Paris” typically appears in smaller letters beneath the main inscription.

Best Luxury Brands from France

18. Jacquemus

The Jacquemus fashion label only launched in 2009, but it has quickly become recognized as one of the best French luxury brands of the modern era. Created by Simon Porte Jacquemus, the brand was introduced when the founder was only 20 years old.

The designs produced by the company are often inspired by Simon’s life in the south of France, and appear frequently in Paris Fashion Week. The company’s logo is bold and confident, with thick, sans-serif letters, depicted in a softer shade of black.

Best Luxury Brands from France

19. Kering

Multinational corporation Kering owns a variety of luxury goods brands, from Alexander McQueen, to Gucci, and Balenciaga. The business was originally founded in 1963, by François Pinault, and initially focused on timber trading before moving into the luxury sector.

The Kering brand logo is wonderfully eye-catching. Alongside a simple sans-serif wordmark, we see a decorative emblem of an owl, with its wings outstretched, symbolizing discovery and wisdom. The soft lines used in the design convey the elegance of the brand.

Best Luxury Brands from France

20. Boucheron

French luxury jewelry and watch house, Boucheron, is one of the oldest luxury brands from France on this list. The name is based on a French family dynasty, known as the “House of Boucheron”.

Today, the company is one of the most popular jewelry and accessory brands in the world. It has even created pieces for Queen Elizabeth II.

The Boucheron logo utilizes a sleek serif wordmark, with soft sweeping lines and unique curves in the “B” character. The design looks wonderfully elegant and unique, despite being relatively simple.

Best Luxury Brands from France

21. Jean Paul Gaultier

Easily one of the best-known luxury French brands in the world today, Jean Paul Gaultier has transformed the fashion landscape over the years. An icon of modern style, Gaultier is known for his eye-catching and feminine designs, as well as his quirky collections.

Beloved by modern Parisian women, the Gaultier brand has cultivated an incredible identity in the modern world. The powerful emblem used by the brand features a two-level wordmark, with overlapping components.

The contrast between the two font choices demonstrates the company’s innovative and creative approach to fashion.

Best Luxury Brands from France

22. Veuve Clicquot

We can’t discuss luxurious French brands without referencing at least one Champagne company.

Easily one of the most famous French luxury brand logos in the beverage space comes from Veuve Clicquot, a champagne house founded in 1772. It’s one of the largest champagne houses in the world, known for creating one of the first ever rose champagnes.

The elegant design of the company’s logo draws attention to its history and heritage, with an emblem-style monogram featuring an anchor on the top, and a wordmark underneath. The serif font choices, and the careful spacing of the design conveys an authoritative image in the luxury goods market.

Best Luxury Brands from France

23. Breguet

Swiss-French luxury watch, clock, and jewelry maker, Breguet has one of the most attractive French luxury brand logos around. The company, first founded in 1775, has had a huge impact on the accessories market over the years, as one of the oldest-surviving watchmakers in the world.

The company’s logo draws attention to its long-standing history, with a stunning, script-style inscription featuring numerous curves and flourishes. The image also features the hands of a clock above the wordmark, drawing attention to the focus of the company.

Learning from French luxury brands

French luxury brands offer an incredible insight into how companies can convey affluence and splendor with the use of the right logo. From Yves Saint-Laurent to Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Breguet, every luxury business above has brought its own spin to the luxury market.

Hopefully, the unique designs of the emblems listed above has given you some inspiration to start experimenting with your own luxurious logo creations. After all, there’s a good reason French luxury brands are some of the most sought-after in the world.

If you need help creating your own elegant designs for a luxury brand logo, contact Fabrik Brands today to learn how we help new brands make their mark.

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