Famous heart logos: The ultimate list of company logos with hearts

Famous Heart Logos

The world is brimming with examples of famous heart logos, produced by some of the globe’s biggest, most emotionally evocative brands. Logos with hearts have a fantastic impact on virtually any audience. After all, while the heart might be a somewhat simple shape, it’s also universally recognizable, and steeped in meaning.

Brands with heart logos utilize the art and science of shape psychology to convey crucial messages about their mission, purpose, and values to their target audience.

Combined with other crucial logo design elements, such as typography and different colors, the heart symbol can stand for anything from romance to compassion.

Used correctly, the image of a heart in a company’s brand mark can be enough to capture not just the attention, but loyalty and affinity of a huge audience.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the most memorable, and famous heart-inspired logos. Here, you’ll discover just how valuable the use of certain shapes in logo design can be.

Heart symbols: What do logos with hearts represent?

As mentioned above, heart logos are relatively common in the branding world, because the shape is both simple, yet powerful. A heart logo doesn’t need to be complex to convey meaning. The shape of the heart has been used for centuries, for a multitude of different purposes.

Depending on the design, the color choices, and surrounding elements, a heart icon in a logo can convey many different things. Often, it’s associated with concepts like love, compassion, and romance.

However, the heart can also be a symbol of care and empathy, particularly in the health landscape. It can also be used to convey a customer-first approach to business growth.

Some industries are home to more companies with heart logos than others. For instance, it’s common to see the heart emblem used in the world of dating apps and websites, companies with a romantic focus, and even in the sexual health space.

With the right strategy, a heart logo can work in virtually any landscape, showcasing the values and personality of a company.

In the list below, you’ll see just how versatile, and effective a heart design can be.

Which brands have heart logos? Companies with heart logos

As one of the simplest, and most effective shapes in the branding world, heart logos have a significant presence throughout a number of industries. Some companies use heart designs to reflect a portion of their name, while others embrace the icon as a symbolic tool.

Let’s examine some of the best-known and most popular heart logos of all time.

Famous Heart Logos

1. Kingdom Hearts

One of the most popular video game franchises of all time, Kingdom Hearts is an action-based roleplaying game. Created through a collaboration by Square Enix and the Walt Disney company, the franchise was first produced in 2002, and has used a heart icon in its emblem ever since.

Though the most intricate part of the Kingdom Hearts logo is its inscription, the heart design, which appears in most title designs, and throughout the game series, is also iconic. It’s a powerful, eye-catching image, with sharp elements and sophisticated curves.

Famous Heart Logos

2. Good Humor

If, like most people, you’re a fan of ice cream, you’re probably familiar with the Good Humor logo. Established in 1920, with the introduction of the “Good Humor bar”, the brand is an icon of American history, and continues to operate to this day.

The Good Humor logo is a little more complex than some of the other heart logos on this list, featuring a wordmark, the shape of an ice cream van, and even a tagline. The whirling double-contoured heart on the top of the van reminds us of the swirl of soft serve ice cream.

Famous Heart Logos

3. The American Heart Association

One of the most recognizable health-oriented companies with heart logos on this list, the American Heart Association, or AHA, is a non-profit brand. The group was originally formed in 1915, as the Association for the Prevention and Relief of Heart Disease.

The emblem used by the AHA is combined with a wordmark, set across three levels. The icon combines a heart shape in solid red, with a white torch and a red and white flame. The image combines concepts of compassion, health, and enlightenment.

Famous Heart Logos

 4. British Heart Foundation

Another well-known non-profit with a focus on cardiovascular health, the British Heart Foundation is a research charity, based in the UK. It funds medical research related to circulatory diseases, the heart, and other factors.

Today, it’s also one of the top charities in the UK.

The British Heart foundation logo uses the heart image in a unique way, forming the shape out of the line we’d usually see on a heart monitor. The red and white color palette used by the brand conveys ideas of health, love, passion, and excellence.

Famous Heart Logos

5. Heart

British radio network, Heart, is responsible for running 13 different adult contemporary stations throughout the region. Heart radio stations have a combined reach of around 8.8 million listeners, making it one of the most popular networks in the UK.

The Heart logo is simple but effective. In this image, the wordmark of the company, depicted in a simple, sans-serif red font, replaces the lowercase “A” with the heart shape. The logo looks modern and sleek, while simultaneously conveying ideas of passion and vitality.

Famous Heart Logos

6. JoJo Siwa

The personal logo of JoJo Siwa is one of the most fun and youthful examples of a famous heart logo in the world today. JoJo is an actress, dancer, singer, and YouTuber, who has earned incredible fame at a young age.

Designed to look like a stylistic signature, the JoJo Siwa logo features a pink font, with three heart shapes in total. Both “J” characters include a heart in the lower curve, and a heart symbol appears on the right hand side too, with a five-pointed star in the center.

Famous Heart Logos

7. Stella McCartney

Created by the daughter of British singer-songwriter, Paul McCartney, Stella McCartney is an eponymous fashion brand, specializing in clothes and accessories for women. The Stella McCartney logo is quite interesting, highlighting the unique style of the creator.

Every letter in the logo type is constructed with a series of black dots, creating a modern and edgy image. Above the inscription, we see the heart logo, depicted in a similar style.

The overall image is balanced and attractive.

Famous Heart Logos

8. Southwest Airlines

Easily one of the most famous heart logos in the world today belongs to Southwest Airlines, a low-cost airline in the United States. The company is the world’s largest low-cost carrier, supporting more passengers than any other US airline in 2018.

Southwest’s heart logo design is bold and confident. On the left of the image, the name “Southwest” is written in a bold, sans-serif typeface, all in blue. The small heart on the right-hand side features three diagonal lines of color, in red, blue, and yellow, each separated by a white line.

Famous Heart Logos

9. Nando’s

South African multinational food chain, Nando’s, first launched in 1987, and has expanded throughout the world in the last few years.

The logo of the company features a kind of mascot for the brand. The Rooster of Barcelos is one of the most common symbols in Portugal.

Although the heart icon is only a small component of the overall Nando’s emblem, it’s immediately impactful. The bright red shape placed in the center of the company’s mascot gives the company a compassionate, and caring image.

Famous Heart Logos

10. iHeartMedia

American mass media corporation, iHeartMedia, is the holding company of iHeartCommunications and iHeartRadio, one of the biggest radio and broadcasting groups in the world.

The company, first launched as “Clear Channel Communications” in 1972, specializes in podcasting, digital and live events, and radio broadcasting.

The heart icon used in the iHeartMedia logo appears in many of the company’s subsidiaries too, including the iHeartRadio logo. The design features a heart shape, with a white, abstract figure in the middle, intended to represent both a person, and a broadcasting tower.

Famous Heart Logos

11. Polly Pocket

A nostalgic logo for many consumers, the Polly Pocket company is a British toy brand, owned by the popular Mattel group. The company targets young girls all over the globe, with a selection of different toys and dolls, designed for interactive play.

Like some of the other brands with heart logos on this list, Polly Pocket takes advantage of the versatility of the heart shape. The icon replaces the “O” in “Polly”, and stands out thanks to its golden coloring.

Famous Heart Logos

12. Eurovision

The Eurovision Song Contest, otherwise known as “ESC” is an international song competition organized every year by the European broadcasting union. Based on the Sanremo Music Festival in Italy, Eurovision is one of the longest-running televised music competitions ever created.

Though different logo designs have been produced by host countries for the contest over the years, most feature the same iconic Eurovision wordmark. In this design, the “V” in the word “Eurovision” is converted into the simple shape of a heart.

Famous Heart Logos

13. My Little Pony

My Little Pony, known to some as “MLP” is a media franchise and toy line developed by Hasbro. Introduced in 1981, the brand has become a worldwide phenomenon, appealing to a variety of different fans, including a large cult following.

There are two hearts in the My Little Pony logo. The first appears in place of the dot above the lowercase “I” character in “Little”. The second is positioned in the “O” shape for “Pony”, giving the wordmark a three-dimensional and buoyant appearance.

Famous Heart Logos

14. Pampers

Part of the huge conglomerate of brands owned by Procter & Gamble, Pampers is a brand focused on producing baby and toddler products, including diapers. The company was founded in 1961, and has achieved incredible success over the years.

Like many companies with heart logos, Pampers uses its evocative symbol to demonstrate care and compassion – important factors for any parent choosing products for their child. The heart appears in yellow above a fun sans-serif wordmark, with lines spreading from the top right corner.

Famous Heart Logos

15. Heartbrand

Most people will associate the Heartbrand logo with companies like Wall’s in the United Kingdom, and Good Humor in the US. However, it’s actually an umbrella logo used across a variety of different brand images within the Unilever family.

The design features a swirling line, shaped into two hearts. The tails of the lines have been softly sharpened, to create a compelling, artistic image. In most cases, this heart symbol appears in red on a white background, though the colors can be inverted.

Famous Heart Logos

16. General Mills

American multinational manufacturer of branded consumer foods, General Mills, was first established as the Minneapolis Milling Company in 1956. It’s one of the oldest companies with heart logos on this list, and among the most recognizable.

The logo design features a cursive monogram on the left-hand side, drawn with a thick, blue line. A solid red heart appears just above the monogram, separating the image and the inscription on the right-hand side.

Famous Heart Logos

17. Roxy

A relatively niche fashion and clothing company in the modern world, Roxy is a brand of snowboard and surfing apparel, focused primarily on girls and women.

The logo design used by the company combines the passionate image of a heart, with sharper, edgier elements, to convey a commitment to the extreme sports space.

The heart image, which appears just beneath the Roxy inscription in the logo, looks as though it sits between the negative space of two hands. In the middle of the design, we see two abstract images of snowy mountain tops, set diagonally in the white space.

Famous Heart Logos

18. Aetna

American insurance company, Aetna, demonstrates just how versatile the heart symbol can be. This managed healthcare and insurance brand was first launched in 1853, with the longer name of the “Aetna Life Insurance Company”.

Today, it serves a network of 22.1 million medical members.

Though relatively simplistic, the Aetna logo is designed to conveys ideas of passion, reliability, and confidence. The purple coloring works perfectly with the heart image to showcase the core values of the brand.

Famous Heart Logos

19. Airbnb

A great logo and commitment to graphic design is one of the reasons why Airbnb has become such a recognizable brand in recent years. The Airbnb Company, founded in 2008, revolutionized the home sharing landscape, providing home owners with a new way to make money online.

The heart in the Airbnb logo is a little unconventional. Unlike most of the heart logos on this list, the shape is turned upside down, to symbolize the letter “A”. The pink heart, alongside the rest of the emblem, gives the company a caring and compassionate appearance.

Famous Heart Logos

20. CVS Health

Famous heart logos appear quite frequently in the healthcare industry. After all, the heart is a symbol of vitality, health, and care. The CVS Health organization, responsible for running a chain of pharmacies and health services throughout the country, uses a heart as the core part of its logo.

Alongside the business name, depicted in two different typefaces, the CVS heart is presented in red, with hard edges instead of curves, perhaps to show strength and confidence. It’s a strong logo with a modern style, ideal for the current landscape.

Find out more about the CVS Health logo here.

Famous Heart Logos

21. Nyx

Owned by the L’Oreal Company, NYX is a popular beauty and cosmetics company, initially founded in 1994. The company is named after the Greek Goddess of the Night, and features a powerful logo, combining compelling typography, with a simple heart image.

The heart in the NYX logo is a relatively small part of the company’s overall identity. However, it helps to showcase the values and personality of the brand. NYX is committed to compassionately serving its customers, with cruelty-free products.

Find out more about the NYX logo here.

Famous Heart Logos

22. Trainline

Formerly “Thetrainline.com”, Trainline is a digital coach and rail technology platform, headquartered in London. The company provides access to live train information and railway station insights, as well as selling train tickets and rail cards.

In the Trainline logo, we see the company’s name, depicted in a compelling shade of green, alongside a stylized heart, designed to look like two interconnected routes coming together. The image conveys care and compassion, as well as exploration, connectivity, and freedom.

Famous Heart Logos

23. Badoo

Thanks to the heart’s association with love and Valentine’s day, it’s commonly seen among the logos of dating sites and apps. A great example of this is in the Badoo dating app logo.

Badoo is one of the many popular social networks in the digital world, designed to connect single people with prospective partners. It was introduced in 2006, by Andrey Andreev.

The Badoo logo has appeared in a few different color palettes over the years. The official emblem used by the company today combines a simple sans-serif wordmark and heart icon in pink.

In the heart, we also see a small white curve, intended to look like a smile.

Famous Heart Logos

24. Munchkin

Launched in 1991, Munchkin is a privately held toddler and infant company, headquartered in California. It was founded by Steven Dunn, and now produces more than 600 different products for infants and toddlers alike.

Bright and colorful, the Munchkin logo is designed to appeal to both youngsters and their parents. Like some of the other famous heart logos on this list, the heart image in the Munchkin logo is connected to its wordmark.

The shape replaces the dot on the “I” character.

Famous Heart Logos

25. GoDaddy

One of the world’s best-known domain registrars and web hosting companies, GoDaddy has around 21 million customers worldwide. First launched in 1997, the brand has made quite a name for itself, thanks to its unique approach to advertising across a range of channels.

Similar to some of the other brands with heart logos on this list, GoDaddy has stylized the shape in the emblem. The heart design is intended to represent the overlapping letters of “G” and “D” for the two main components in the GoDaddy name.

Famous Heart Logos

26. Polk Audio

First launched in 1972, Polk Audio is a popular American manufacturer of audio products, specializing in automotive and home speakers. The company also works with a variety of other leading vendors, producing speakers for companies like Google and Amazon.

Simple and modern, the Polk logo features its heart shape in a circular red badge, located on the left-hand side of the business name. The white heart in the red circle looks powerful and stylish, and is similar in some ways to the red play button we see on other audio brand logos.

Famous Heart Logos

27. Lazada

An international ecommerce company, and one of the largest online retail brands in SouthEast Asia, Lazada was originally launched in 2012. The company supports more than 10,000 third-party sellers, as well as over 50 million active buyers.

Lazada’s logo is bright and eye-catching, combining a wordmark in a royal blue shade, with a gradient-style heart, featuring shades of pink and orange. The heart shape in this logo features slight edges, designed to make it look three-dimensional.

Famous Heart Logos

28. Burlington

Department store brand, Burlington, has made a number of changes to its logo over the years. However, the heart symbol has remained a consistent part of the brand’s identity for some time. The shape is intended to represent compassion, care, and love.

Within the Burlington logo, the heart shape replaces the standard letter “B” at the beginning of the inscription. The overall image features a bold and energetic color palette, as well as a serif-style font to demonstrate sophistication.

29. Spire Healthcare

Originally founded in 2007, the Spire Healthcare group is one of the better-known providers of private medical support in the United Kingdom. Since its launch, the company has used the same attractive logo, featuring a beautifully-designed heart emblem, made from two “S” characters. 

Underneath the logo, we see the name of the company, with the word “Spire” depicted in bold, and balanced perfectly beneath the bottom of the heart. The attractive brandmark highlights the compassionate and customer-centric nature of the brand, and its commitment to wellbeing. 

Learning from brands with heart logos

There is no shortage of famous heart logos throughout the branding landscape today. For decades, logos with hearts have captured the attention of audiences in virtually every industry.

Not only does this evocative shape symbolize global concepts like love and compassion, but it’s incredibly versatile.

As you can see in the examples of brands with heart logos listed above, a heart can replace numerous letters in a business wordmark, or appear as a standalone symbol.

When combined with different elements, such as typography and careful color choices, the heart can send an important message about the nature and identity of any brand.

When it comes to powerful logo shapes, few things are more eye-catching or meaningful than a carefully stylized heart icon.

Reach out to Fabrik brands today to learn more about how you can use heart symbols and other shapes to enhance your logo design.

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Stephen Peate
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