Strategic naming for a connected services product suite.


A purveyor of the art solutions and services.

Global distributor and manufacturer of innovative product marking solutions, Markem-Imaje first launched in 2007. Specialising in the development of traceability and product identification equipment, the Company stands as a champion in the packaging industry. For years, its printer hardware, software, expertise, and services transformed the market.

Throughout the years, the Company’s focus on constant innovation has taken it on an evolutionary journey, from joining the Dover corporation, to extending its footprint across the globe. When the brand needed a new name for a state-of-the-art services suite, it turned to Fabrik for help.

The brief

A powerful name for an innovative product suite.

Markem-Imaje approached Fabrik during the early stages of the launch of its innovative connected services product suite. The solution, designed to streamline customer printing operations, offers a combination of efficiency, real-time visibility, risk alerts, diagnostics, performance monitoring and more. The business needed a name to convey the actionable intelligence and insightful nature of the suite.

The challenge was to discover a title that highlighted the comprehensive benefits of the new offering in a way that resonated with a growing global audience of B2B consumers. At the same time, the Company wanted to ensure its new name aligned with the existing ethos and personality of the wider “Markem-Imaje” brand.

Our input

Creative strategy: The journey to MiVista.

Our quest for the perfect product name began with a bespoke discovery process, involving numerous conversations with the product and marketing teams of the company. We agreed the title needed to capture the attention of B2B decision makers, responsible for manufacturing sites. It also had to align well with the current Markem-Imaje portfolio.

We examined the competitors in the company’s landscape, to ensure the new title would act as a beacon of differentiation. Various naming themes were identified, focusing on concepts like visibility, intelligence, insight, reassurance, and empowerment. Eventually, we agreed on a compound, evocative name: MiVista. This title combined the idea of “visibility”, with the human prefix “My”.

Our output

Delivering distinction: The MiVista name.

Our collaborative journey with Markem-Imaje covered numerous avenues. We created a strategy for everything from theme selection, to due diligence and trademark searches. Our naming experts presented the Company’s stakeholders with a selection of short-listed titles, all chosen for their ability to align with the company’s ethos, and distinguish the solution from competing offerings.

The chosen name; MiVista, benefits from a strong link to the master brand, and a clear connection to the “vantage/visibility” theme. It also highlights the brand’s customer-centric focus, using the prefix “Mi” (read as “My”), to give consumers a sense of ownership over the solution.

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