What colors go with purple? A guide to colors that complement purple
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What colors go with purple? A guide to colors that complement purple

What Colors Go With Purple

Figuring out what colors go with purple can seem like a challenging prospect. While some hues are simple enough to pair with anything, like white or black, purple is a naturally rich and decadent color. 

Placed with something equally vibrant, the wrong shade of purple can easily make a space or project look overwhelming and chaotic. Similarly, it’s easy to mute purple with too many hues. 

Though purple is quite a complex color on the surface, it’s worth noting it can work seamlessly alongside a range of other color options. The colors that go with purple are relatively far-reaching, from blue and green, to whites and metallics. 

The purple color palette you choose will generally depend on various factors, including the nature of your project and the kind of tone you’re going for. If you want to create a luxurious-looking room, shades of purple and gold can be a great choice. 

If you’re creating a compassionate and engaging brand identity, pastel shades of purple and pink also work well. 

Today, we will look at some of the top purple color schemes you can consider for various artistic projects.

The purple color palette: An introduction

Before we can begin picking what colors go with purple, it’s worth taking a closer look at the color itself and where it sits on the color wheel. Notably, purple isn’t the same as violet, a spectral color with only a single wavelength. 

Instead, it’s a combination color of blue and red, which means it can be both cool and warm, depending on the shade you choose. 

The flexibility of purple as a color makes it quite a fun hue to decorate and design. The type of purple you choose and its complementary colors will determine whether you end up with something mysterious and solemn, bright and flirty, or luxurious and rich. 

Indeed, looking at the color palette, we can see various ways to match purple with other shades. If you’re looking for contrast, you can opt for something on the other end of the spectrum to purple, such as green, yellow, or orange. 

Alternatively, if you want something more consistent, you can stick to purples, blues, and reds. 

Notably, it’s crucial to think about your project holistically when looking for colors to go with purple. Although accents of red can bring warmth out in a purple room, they can also overwhelm the space if you add too much.

Purple complementary color options

Color theory teaches us that specific colors are naturally complementary, supportive, or clashing. The complementary color for purple is the shade directly opposite it on the color wheel: yellow. This means various shades of yellow typically work well with different styles of purple. 

A soft yellow hue can create a floral effect when matched with a lilac shade. A metallic gold also looks phenomenal when placed next to a deep mauve or plum shade.

It’s not just the contrasting colors on the wheel worth paying attention to either. The colors next to each other on a purple palette, known as analogous colors, can often work well together. Purple often works well when paired with shades of blue or pink. 

Alternatively, you can experiment with triadic colors, selecting three colors from a section of the color wheel. 

A triadic color scheme for purple might include a soft lilac shade, a deep red, and a pastel blue. You can experiment with purple, yellow, and orange for a brighter, more energetic vibe. Purple also works well with more neutral colors like grey, black, white, and brown.

The top colors that go with purple

Overall, purple is a pretty versatile color, which gives designers, artists, and hobbyists the freedom to experiment as much as they like. Placing swatches of your purple color palette or purple things alongside other shades should give you an insight into how well they work together. 

In general, however, some colors go with purple better than others. Here are some of the top choices worth considering for your next project. 

What Colors Go With Purple


While purple and green seem like unusual colors to pair at first, they actually have a fantastic impact in the right circumstances. A dark shade of green and a darker purple can create an almost luxurious effect. Think about aubergine shades. 

Alternatively, you can contrast a dark shade of green with a lilac purple, or combine pastel purples and greens for a floral result. 

Mint shades are also becoming increasingly popular in the design space when paired with purple, as they can create an almost romantic feel. However, you may want to consider adding accents of neutral colors like soft brown, white, and black to help subdue the colors. 

What Colors Go With Purple


As an analogous color on the color wheel, blue works naturally well with purple. In fact, it’s one of the initial primary colors you’ll use to make purple things in the first place. 

The color combination can create different vibes, depending on your chosen temperatures and shades. A darker shade of plum purple and a deep blue creates a mysterious effect. 

Soft blues matched with deeper purples offer phenomenal contrast while creating a cooler temperature for a project or room. You can also opt for light purple pastels to complement deeper blues like navy and royal blue. The best styles of purple to match with blue are often cooler shades.

What Colors Go With Purple


The classic contrasting color combination for purple is yellow. If you’re wondering what colors go with purple, it’s hard to go wrong with a shade of yellow. Mustard shades are perfect for purple, as they’re rich and golden in hue without too much overwhelming brightness. 

You could also opt for a metallic shade like gold to create a luxurious finish. 

Bright yellows can be too overwhelming when used in large quantities with deep purples, so it’s best to stick with more subdued shades. Brownish shades of yellow or yellows with an almost orange element are fantastic for making a design look warm and engaging.

What Colors Go With Purple


If yellow goes well with purple, it only makes sense that brown would work well too. 

Brown is a pretty neutral color so it can be paired in various weights with different styles of purple. A darker purple, like plum, will often look fantastic next to soft shades like beige or tan if you’re hoping for contrast. On the other hand, a darker shade of brown looks great with a pastel purple. 

Remember, too much brown and purple in one space could also muddy the overall effect if you’re not careful. Adding elements of white could be an excellent way to create balance. 

What Colors Go With Purple


Another excellent choice from a more neutral color palette, grey is fantastic for complementing and enhancing purple. Dark shades of grey matched with brighter and lighter purples help draw attention to the richness and depth of the shade. 

A soft shade of grey paired with a deep purple can also balance out your color palette. 

If you’re looking for a more monochromatic or subdued effect, consider using greyish shades of purple with a higher proportion of blue. 

What Colors Go With Purple


Because purple and pink are so close to each other on the color wheel, it’s important not to go too over-the-top with this color combination. Shocking shades of pink will often be too overwhelming if you’re creating a bright purple room. 

However, a darker pink or a muddy pink-like mauve could be a great option matched with a light purple. 

Consider going for lighter, pastel-style pinks for darker shades of purple. This helps to enhance the primary color’s warmth, giving the overall space a more feminine appeal. Purple and pink in lighter shades can also demonstrate compassion in brand logos. 

What Colors Go With Purple


In large portions, red and purple can easily clash when put together. This is why it’s essential to experiment with different temperatures and tints to get the right results. 

While a bright red and purple might be too visually overwhelming, a dark red and a soft purple could look fantastic together. Red is excellent for bringing warmth to an already warmer purple hue.

For an indulgent effect, consider matching a brownish red shade with a rich purple. You could also use a muted purple with bright white walls and red accents in your home.

What Colors Go With Purple


White is one of those colors which essentially goes with anything, so you can feel free to use as much of it as you like in your purple designs. White won’t detract from the shade of any purple, so you can use virtually any temperature or style to get the right results. 

For a deep contrast, try darker shades of purple against white backgrounds. A lavender purple or lilac color will also work well alongside white for a more subdued, romantic feel. 

What Colors Go With Purple


Although black and purple in a room can often be too dark to have an extraordinary impact, it all depends on how you match the colors. A border of black can enhance a light shade of purple. Deep blacks and purples can also create a mysterious image for brand designs. 

Generally, you’ll want to avoid adding too much black to your purple color palette if you’re working on a large space, as dark colors can easily banish some of the light from a room.

Colors to go with purple color schemes

As you can see, purple is a versatile shade with a wide range of cool and warm undertones, making it ideal for various shades. As with any color combination, experimenting is the best way to get the most out of your purple palette. Play around with different swatches to see how they work well together in specific scenarios. 

Here are some great purple color schemes to inspire you:

What Colors Go With Purple

Eggplant and French Blue

French Blue is a cool-grey shade of blue, perfect for contrasting the warmer tones of the eggplant shade. With some neutral accents, such as taupe and white, you can create an elegant design with tremendous impact.

What Colors Go With Purple

Lilac and Dusty Pink

Dusty Pink is a more subdued version of this often bright and romantic shade, making it an excellent pairing for purple. A soft lilac color matched with a slightly darker pink can create a phenomenal finish of old-world glamor. 

What Colors Go With Purple

Purple and gold

Virtually any shade of purple will look fantastic when paired with gold. However, darker and deeper hues usually deliver the most luxurious effect. A warm gold brings out some depth in plum and eggplant hues. 

You can opt for something metallic or a matte golden shade like mustard. 

What Colors Go With Purple

Purple, navy, and green

Combining purple with Navy is a fantastic way to create a phenomenal, complementary palette. The colors blue and purple are close together on the color palette, so they naturally work well when side-by-side. However, adding a few leafy greens can enhance elegance. 

What Colors Go With Purple

Purple and champagne

A fantastic way to combine white and yellow tones, champagne is one of the best neutral colors to pair with purple. It doesn’t overwhelm the shade like brighter yellows, but it still adds an outstanding level of warm contrast. 

If you want the purple in your space or project to be the core focus of the aesthetic, matching it with champagne is an excellent choice. 

What Colors Go With Purple

Purple and purple

Who says you must match your purple things with an entirely different color? 

If you’re wondering what colors go with purple, start with other shades of the same hue. Mixing and matching different color temperatures, tints, and hues can give you a fantastic monochromatic finish. Dark shades of plum intermixed with pale lavender look amazing.

What Colors Go With Purple

Taupe and eggplant

Taupe is a soft browny-white shade that goes well with a range of other shades, including purple. The design is great if you want to create a more rustic feel in a room or convey an element of warmth. 

What Colors Go With Purple

Lavender and black

Create a powerful contrast with the dark shade of black and a softer, pastel shade of purple. This is great when you want to create a more modern vibe. To finish the effect, you could also consider throwing in different accents of other complementary colors, such as gold, blue, and red.

What colors match with purple?

At this point, you should have a pretty solid idea of what goes with purple. The simple answer is – almost anything. However, if you’re still uncertain, here are some quick insights into your questions about your purple color palette.

Does purple and blue go together?

Purple and blue are one of the most classic pairing options for people building a purple palette. The position of these two colors on the color wheel means they blend naturally when placed side by side. Moreover, because blue isn’t as bright or warm as red, it doesn’t cause too much visual strain.

When pairing blues and purples, make sure you think about the weight and temperature of each shade. Blueish shades of purple will blend naturally with darker and lighter blues alike. Red-purple shades are more likely to work with specific shades of blue.

Does purple and green go together?

Purple and green are almost directly opposite each other on the color wheel, so they’re a good option if you’re looking for contrast. However, it’s important not to overwhelm your project with too much of one shade or the other—usually, dark colors of purple work well with dark or light green accents.

If you’re going for a primarily green color scheme, consider adding components of purple to give the space an exotic vibe.

Does purple and yellow go together?

On the color wheel, purple and yellow are directly opposite each other. This means yellow is the complementary color of purple, and vice versa. Although they might initially seem like an unusual pairing, their exceptional contrast makes them a unique match.

Yellow paired with a purple color palette can be a fantastic way to make a project look bolder and more exciting. Plus, there are plenty of different ways to match yellow and purple. You could opt for a deep golden color, a dark purple, or a deep purple and a bright yellow.

Does purple and red go together?

In general, mixing purple and red isn’t always preferred in the interior design and fashion worlds. However, they can work well together in the right circumstances. Red and purple are very close to each other on the color wheel, so they can blend well when used in the right proportions and shades.

Generally, it’s best to keep one shade as an accent color in a design and use the other as the project’s core focus when working with purple and red. Artists should also avoid using brighter shades of purple and red together, as this can often lead to clashing.

Does purple and orange go together?

For example, mixing purple and orange is slightly more unusual than purple and yellow.

On the color wheel, blue is directly opposite from orange, making those two shades complementary colors. However, if you’re wondering what colors go with purple, consider experimenting with orange too. Ideally, the best option is to start with a blue or a cool shade of purple.

A cool shade of purple and a brighter hue of orange might work together for contrast. You can also use a brighter shade of purple and a deep shade of orange to create a warmer aesthetic.

Creating your purple color palette

Answering the question “what goes with purple” might initially seem tricky. After all, purple is a bold and vibrant color that often stands out when placed next to a range of other shades. However, just because this hue is quite a complex one doesn’t mean it can’t work with other colors.

Creating your purple color palette is worth experimenting with various shades. If you’re designing a purple room, you may want to create contrast with shades of yellow and gold or prefer a more blended set of tones with purple and blue.

You could even create a monochromatic design with different shades of purple.

For purple brand assets and unique artistic creations, you’re free to experiment as much as you like with bright shades of red, blue, and even green. Consider matching different hues together in swatches to see what works best.

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