The best Old English fonts on Canva for a vintage design 
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The best Old English fonts on Canva for a vintage design 

Best Old English Fonts on Canva

When you Google fonts for your design projects, you’ll often find a broad selection of popular modern fonts. However, the process isn’t always so simple if you’re looking for the best Old English fonts on Canva. 

The Old London font and Old English are some of the most recognizable old Western font styles, and you’ll find a selection of vintage styles for your Canva projects — even if you need to dig a little deeper than you would in other cases. 

When looking for fonts that’ll take your audience back to Medieval times, you can choose between fonts available with the regular version of Canva and those only available as part of a Canva Pro plan. 

You can use these in graphic design projects like book covers and marketing materials like social media graphics. You’ll achieve a unique style that blends an elegant look and vintage feel. 

If you choose from the best Canva fonts in the Old English category, you’ll need to consider numerous factors. Maintaining brand consistency is vital, and you’ll also want to consider whether your designs are for personal or commercial use. 

It’s also worth considering whether you want just lowercase letters or are happy with a mixture of both. 

Without further ado, let’s jump in and look at the best gothic font for your Canva designs. The different versions we include in this guide will be helpful to small business owners, graphic designers, and several other kinds of people.

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Introducing the best Old English fonts in Canva

Before we reveal our favorite Old English fonts on Canva, setting some context is a good idea. Medieval script takes many different forms, and we understand that your needs will differ depending on the platforms you’re using these fonts on. 

Similarly, you might want to use different Canva font combinations — rather than just any single font. 

With that in mind, we sought to choose styles that would work well together — and we also wanted to give you a broad enough selection so that you could experiment with different font options and design elements. 

We also took into consideration that Canva has both free and paid plans. Some users might not be ready to upgrade to Canva Pro, and that’s fine. The best thing you can do is still take action, even if you can’t afford premium software. 

To help you make the right font choice, we also looked at different styles where possible. 

We considered Sans-Serif fonts, along with cursive fonts and those with a heavy stroke contrast. The punctuation marks are also different with Old English fonts, compared to what you’ll find elsewhere — so we took these into consideration as well. 

Although you may not yet have the means to upgrade to Canva Pro, we recommend considering the choice at some point when you can. 

Canva Pro offers several benefits beyond premium fonts, such as numerous additional templates for business cards, social media posts, and digital ad content. You can also receive 100 GB of cloud storage, along with several other niceties. 

If you’re on the fence about joining, you can check out our full Canva Pro review and make a decision for yourself afterward. 

How to choose the best Old English fonts on Canva

Now that you know a little more about the background of Old English fonts on Canva, let’s talk about how you can make a great choice — regardless of whether you pick free fonts or something more premium. 

The first thing you must consider is whether it fits in with your brand messaging. Consistent branding across different platforms is essential if you want to remain memorable in your audience’s eyes, and picking fonts that work well together is a wise idea. 

If you’re a software company, for example, you might want to opt for a more modern display font instead of Old English. 

You can check out our full guide with tips on better brand consistency here

After determining how the fonts you pick will fit in with your branding, you’ll also need to consider where you’ll use your designs. If you’re designing a new logo, for example, you should opt for a unique font that’s easy to read from a distance. 

A bold font is also a good idea, and the same is true if you’re creating a fiction book cover or title sequences for Western films. 

On the flip side, something that you’ll use in your blog posts doesn’t necessarily need to be readable from afar — but you should still pick a font that is easy to read when looking at the place it’s put. 

Another thing worth thinking about when choosing Old English fonts on Canva is the color you’re going to use your font in. Some forms of typography are more versatile in this respect, and you’ve got the choice to get a bit more playful if you’re seeking a modern take on a classic.

However, with many of the best Old English fonts on Canva, you’re better off using them in neutral colors — such as black and gray. 

On top of that, it’s a good idea to keep your backgrounds simple. Furthermore, you should ensure that you use colors that complement each other; if everything contrasts too much, your audience isn’t going to want to stick around and check out your products or services. 

What font on Canva is best for Old English?

Okay, so we’ve now covered all the basics related to Old English fonts on Canva. Now, let’s get into the main bulk of this article and look at which fonts are the best. To make things easier, you will find all of these cool fonts broken down into different sub-sections. 

Best Old English Fonts on Canva

Engravers’ Old English

Arguably the best web font that Canva users can try is Engravers’ Old English. This free Canva font is the archetypal Old English font with the sharp edges that you’re probably used to seeing with this particular style. 

You can use both upper and lowercase letters, and it’s a great choice if you’re looking for something that works in a heading or sub-heading. You will also find that Engravers’ Old English is an ideal option if you’re looking to design a new logo for your clients or business, too. 

When using Engravers’ Old English, we recommend that you keep to the default color of black. Alternatively, it’ll work well if you use it with dark or normal gray. And if you have a darker background, white is an ideal choice. 

For those who want to use brighter colors, it’s worth looking elsewhere on this list. Alternatively, consider trying fonts from a different era; we’ve got a guide to the best 1970s fonts on Canva if you’re interested in checking that out. 

Best Old English Fonts on Canva


Wednesday is a good example of a high-quality Old English font on Canva that’s available with a Canva Pro membership. The font has a lot of similarities to Engravers’ Old English, but the letters are closer together. 

On top of that, you will also find that this font is a great choice if you need something that takes up a little more real estate on your page. 

Some letters, such as the lowercase “D’s,” have longer edges at the top. The Wednesday font is an ideal option if you need something for a traditional-style newspaper, and it’ll also work for English-style pub menus. 

You can also use Wednesday if you need a stylish look for your posters. 

On top of that, it goes great with some physical products — such as mug designs. The font has a little more flexibility when it comes to experimentation; you might want to try it with different effects in Canva, such as trying different shadows and whatnot. 

It’s worth noting that besides being closer together, the letters in this font are slightly narrower than what you’ll find with the previously-mentioned option. 

Best Old English Fonts on Canva


Another of the top Old English fonts on Canva is Doppler, and this one is quite different from the other two mentioned thus far. It has more of a modern feel, and we would also argue that it’s a more versatile option. 

You can use Doppler with different colors, too, and it looks great if you add different effects — such as lift and shadows. Whereas Engravers’ Old English and Wednesday are better for headings and logos, Doppler can work well in a main body of text. 

However, it’s also more than good enough as the main font that users see in titles. 

You can try several use cases for Doppler, too. It’s a good option if you need something for your social media posts and graphics, and it will also work in scenarios where you need to design a banner ad campaign — both for web and print. 

On top of that, you can use the Doppler font for designing old-style music album covers and as the copy in apps for mobile devices. The style looks good on larger screens, too, so you can consider trying it if what you produce is primarily consumed in web browsers on computers.

Best Old English Fonts on Canva


Next up on our list of the best Old English fonts on Canva is UnifrakturMaguntia. If you’re looking specifically for a gothic-style font, this is arguably the best option. 

The letters feature more rounded edges, and it’s generally more italicized than some of the other options we have already mentioned on this list. It’ll work well in blog banners, and it’s also perfect if you’re looking for elegant script fonts. 

The capital letters often feature a unique style that you can’t find with almost all of the other choices we’ve discussed thus far. 

When using UnifrakturMaguntia, you should try to use it as a header or something similar. The font is readable if you choose a larger size, but things aren’t so simple if you place lengthy bodies of text together — or if you reduce the size to something smaller. 

UnifrakturMaguntia works well if you use black and similar colors, and you can also try darker “bright” colors — such as blue, green, and purple. 

Best Old English Fonts on Canva

Obra Letra

Next up on our list is Obra Letra. If you were to design something that was in the middle of UnifrakturMaguntia and Doppler, this would pretty much be the end result. Obra Letra is slightly thinner than Doppler, and letters have straighter edges than they would if you used UnifrakturMaguntia instead. 

If you need something for the main body of text in your blog posts or webpage copy, Obra Letra is a great choice. It also fuses modern and Medieval together really well, so you may find that this is a better choice if you want others to view you as an innovator. 

Obra Letra is great in black and similar colors, and you’ll find that it’s a handy option if you want to add other effects that you’ll find in Canva. 

For example, you can use the glitch and lift effects for useful effects. You can try using this font on brighter backgrounds, such as white and yellow if you want it to stand out. 

Best Old English Fonts on Canva


Amstrong is a great font if you want something that’s Old English style and you have a Canva Pro membership. 

It’s a little easier to read than Wednesday, and it’s different from many of the options we’ve discussed so far — mainly in the sense that it doesn’t have letters that are as joined up as with some of those. 

Amstrong is a pretty good choice if you need a strong sub-header for an article on your website, and it’s also a handy font if you’re looking for the same thing — only for a webpage instead of your blog posts.

The Amstrong font features slicker edges and has a bit more of a modern feel than the likes of Engravers’ Old English. On top of that, it’s more of an understated option. So, if you want that classic vintage style — but without being too outlandish — you may find that this is the font you’re looking for. 

Best Old English Fonts on Canva


Next up on our list of the best Old English fonts on Canva is Isabella. This gothic-style font is one of the best fonts you’ll find with a free Canva plan, and the letters are bolder than what you’ll find with many of our other choices thus far. 

The Isabella font has more playful edges, such as the line at the top of the capital “A,” which comes all the way back down again. On top of that, you’ll find some of the other lowercase letters — such as “D” — taking up less space than would otherwise be the case for most other font styles. 

You can use Isabella in numerous scenarios, including if you need a font for the text on your social media accounts. On top of that, it’ll work if you’re looking for a font that fits your needs with book cover titles in the horror or gothic genres. 

Best Old English Fonts on Canva

Was TawarawadeeNP

You can also look at Was TawarawadeeNP when you’re on the search for Old English fonts on Canva. The font is another option that’s available with the free version of Canva, and the letters are thinner than what you’ll find with some of the other choices we’ve gone through so far. 

Was TawarawadeeNP works well on its own, but you can also use different effects to add a different dimension to what you’re trying to do if you’d like to get more experimental. 

The font in its ordinary form is a good choice when picking a form of typography that you can use for your blog posts. In addition to that, the letters take up less space on the page than is the case with some of the other best Old English fonts on Canva. 

Having said that, you can still use it in a logo if you want to incorporate another kind of visual into it. Another use case for Was TawarawadeeNP is when using it for bolder bits of the main text — such as when naming dishes on a menu. 

Best Old English Fonts on Canva

Weiß Rundgotilch

If you’re looking for an alternative to the previously-mentioned font and you have a Canva Pro membership, Weiß Rundgotilch is one possible option. 

The font has a lot of similarities to Was TawarawadeeNP, but one of the main differentiators is that its letters are somewhat more free-flowing than what you’ll find with some of the other choices discussed. 

Because of this, you may find that it’s a better choice to opt for if you need something for a more playful style of branding. 

Weiß Rundgotilch features rounded edges at the likes of letters with those kinds of features, such as the lowercase versions of “H” and “D.” It’s an ideal choice if you need a heading or subheading for a magazine article, and you can also use it when designing posters and landing pages for your website. 

On top of that, it’s another great option for users who need marketing materials, such as brochures and banners. 

Best Old English Fonts on Canva


One similar font to Was TawarawadeeNP is Halja, which — unlike Weiß Rundgotilch — is available with the free version of Canva. Perhaps the main difference between this font and Was TawarawadeeNP is that it’s bolder. 

The font works better if you don’t add extra effects, but you can always try including these to see if you can meet your needs better than would otherwise be the case. 

Halja’s wording has straighter edges than some of the others we’ve mentioned so far, making it an ideal choice if you need a font that is more rigid and within stricter brand guidelines. 

The font is one of the best choices on this list if you want to venture away from neutral colors, and it’s also a good choice if you want to use it on brighter backgrounds as well. Halja is a good choice for all kinds of creative projects, including when designing assets for your social media profiles. 

Best Old English Fonts on Canva

Was Ayodiya

As we come toward the end of our list of Old English fonts on Canva, you might want to think about trying Was Ayodiya. If you’re looking for something that’s a little more fun than Halja, this is an excellent choice. 

The main two differences are that Was Ayodiya is much thinner, and you’ll also have more italicized text to work with. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t the option to change either of these if you want something a little bolder — but you can always pick from one of the many other choices on our list if that applies to you. 

Was Ayodiya is a good choice if you need something that works within your main body of text. It’s also a good option if you’re trying to create a small logo for a T-shirt or to add something as a design on a coffee mug, but we wouldn’t recommend using it as a larger company brand logo.

Best Old English Fonts on Canva

IM Fell English SC

The last of the best Old English fonts on Canva that we’ll discuss today is IM Fell English SC. This font bears a lot of resemblance to Times New Roman and similar styles, and it’s a great choice if you need a book cover or title sequence. 

You can also use this font in multiple colors; for example, it’ll go well with a black background if you change it to white. However, you can also use it the other way around if you’d prefer. 

IM Fell English SC features quirky lineage for its letters, which provides an almost psychedelic look. 

The font is all-caps, but when you change your computer keyboard to lowercase, you’ll notice that those capitals are smaller on the text. Besides the use cases already mentioned, IM Fell English SC is a good choice for game title covers and various other instances. 

The best Old English fonts on Canva in one place

There are many Old English fonts on Canva that you can use to advance your design projects. 

The ones included in this list work in a diverse range of scenarios, with some being more specialized than others. We sought to include a broad range of styles, as we understand that not everybody has the same needs. On top of that, you might simply have different tastes than someone else reading this guide. 

Although many fonts we’ve included are only available with a Canva Pro membership, you’ll also find many that anyone can use — even if you only have a free plan. With that in mind, you should have more than enough choices to discover the best options for your projects. 

​Before choosing a font for your business or the client projects you work on for others, it’s worth learning more about the basics of typography. If you’re looking for further information to ensure that you make the right choices, you can check out our complete typography guide.

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