17 of the best handwritten fonts for friendlier communication
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17 of the best handwritten fonts for friendlier communication

Best Handwritten Fonts

The best handwritten fonts are ideal for giving brands a human aesthetic. Unlike standard serif and Sans serif fonts, handwritten fonts are intended to look natural and organic. You can even find handwritten fonts which just look like your actual writing.

Finding the best handwriting fonts for logos and headlines can be tricky. Though many of the designs available online are eye-catching, it’s tough to draw the line between “unique”, and “difficult to read”. 

Generally, handwritten fonts work well in small doses. They can blend beautifully with other kinds of type and draw the eye to a specific part of the page. 

Today, we’re going to explore some of the most compelling handwritten fonts, and what makes them so special. Here are our top handwritten fonts to inspire you:

How to use handwritten fonts

As mentioned above, handwritten fonts are wonderful for capturing human interest, but they don’t work perfectly in every environment. Script-style and calligraphy-based fonts often include a lot of loops, flourishes and unique components which can make them harder to read. 

The smaller the font gets, the more the legibility suffers. 

Because of this, many designers will try and persuade their customers to avoid using handwritten fonts too frequently in their content and creations. 

These type choices are most likely to work best for:

Social media

Quotes, infographics, and other social media shares using very little text will benefit from handwritten fonts. When sharing pictures on social media, most companies will attempt to avoid using too much text. 

A handwritten font in the form of a creative or moving quote can make a brand seem more authentic on visual sites like Instagram and Pinterest. 

Often, to make the best impression on a social level, companies will use the same handwritten fonts across all of their posts and content. This creates the idea of the same person sharing the messages.

Best Handwritten Fonts


Logos are often designed with minimal font, even if you’re using a wordmark to identify your brand. Because of this, it’s easier to use the best handwritten fonts in a way both eye-catching and legible. 

Promote the brand well enough, and customers will begin to recognize your company based on the shape of the wordmark, rather than what it says. 

Handwritten font logos are often better to use when a company is trying to connect a specific person within the company. The Disney logo, for instance, looks like Walt Disney’s handwriting. This gives the Company and things it creates an official seal of approval. 

Handwritten fonts are also fantastic for creative companies making products by hand, or without machinery, as they replicate the calligraphy-style fonts of older organizations. Even companies responsible for creative resources, like Sharpie, can benefit from handwritten logos

Printed content or signage

Used in small doses, handwritten font may also look fantastic in a physical environment. You may have noticed neon signs made in handwritten font in many more modern locations. 

Schools and facilities for young children also use handwriting on their signage to make the location seem more welcoming to younger people. 

Signage and printed products with handwritten fonts can make a company feel more approachable. Leaflets, posters, and other components also have a more “DIY” vibe to them when the company sticks with handwritten type.

17 of the best handwritten fonts

The best handwritten fonts have a personalized and creative impact on a company’s brand image. Combined with the right content and brand personality, handwritten fonts can give human depth to a brand. 

They work well in environments where less is more, such as in logos, headlines, and physical signage. 

Here are just some of our favorite handwritten fonts…

1. ITC Zemke Hand

Best Handwritten Fonts

Beautifully simple and easy to read, the Zemke Hand font is playful and a little childish – mimicking the kind of handwriting you might expect from a younger child. 

This particular type was created by Deborah Zemke and based on her own handwriting. She decided to transform the font into something she could use online, for ITC situations. 

Carefree, cheerful, and straightforward, this is one of the best handwriting fonts if you want a typography which isn’t going to hurt the eyes with too many flourishes and cursive elements. 

The typeface might be a good choice for companies who work with children, or publish cartoons, comics, and similar assets.

2. Modern Love

Best Handwritten Fonts

Although a little tougher to read than some handwriting fonts, the Modern Love typography has grown extremely popular over the years. A good choice for makeup and beauty brands, Modern Love is the brainchild of Paco Gonzalez and Giuseppe Salerno. 

Wonderfully playful and polished at the same time, this is a cursive font with plenty of flourishes around the letters to demonstrate the charm of the person behind it. This font stems from the days when calligraphy-style wordmarks were more popular. 

Ideal for posters, headlines, invitations, and even book titles, Modern Love is a work of passion and excitement, combined into a beautiful font.

3. Flair Hand

Best Handwritten Fonts

An excellent choice for a jewelry brand, or a company who wants to show a combination of luxury and elegance, Flair Hand is all about the dramatic. 

This is one of the best handwriting fonts for those who love the fun and playfulness of cursive, with curves and loops in both the uppercase and lowercase versions of letters. 

Flair Hand comes with a range of exaggerated punctuation, number, alphabetic, and miscellaneous characters to choose from. This font reminds us heavily of the kind of calligraphy-focused fonts common on wedding invitations and similar RSVP cards today. 

For small amounts of branding, titles, or even on social media posts, Flair Hand will instantly draw the eye and leave a lasting impression. 

4. Just Saying

Best Handwritten Fonts

Creative Market is an excellent place to visit if you’re looking for design components like fonts and glyphs. The “Just Saying” handwritten fonts are available in both italic and regular versions, with a selection of dingbats to accompany your designs. 

Soft and innocent, this is the perfect handwritten font for projects requiring a friendly and lighthearted appeal. There are both capital and lowercase characters to choose from, and both are wonderfully natural in appearance, with gentle slants and slightly abnormal sizing. 

This would be a fantastic font to use on social media, or if you’re creating an informal blog.

5. Sebastian Bobby

Best Handwritten Fonts

A little more formal than some of the best handwritten fonts we’ve covered so far, Sebastian Bobby has a calligraphy appearance to it, with swooping and looping letters. The slight slant can be enhanced by an italic version of the type. 

Authentic and organic, this font was actually designed using a real fountain pen. 

Available with 78 custom ligatures so you can create a more free-flowing design in logos and headlines, this font is great for things like signature-style brand marks. You could also use a font like this with stationery designs, or on hand-written quotes for social media. 

Due to the slightly dramatic loops in some of the letters, we’d probably advise against using this font in smaller scenarios. 

6. Cakepop

Best Handwritten Fonts

Adorable and eye-catching, the Cakepop handwritten script font instantly earns attention for all the right reasons. 

More modern than many of the handwritten fonts we’ll cover today, this product has only been around for a short while, but it’s already gaining a lot of attention, particularly on social media and in craft stores.

Designed by KA Designs, a company responsible for a lot of quirky, hand-written fonts, cake pop combines large circular shapes and soft elements to replicate the idea of drawing with a felt-tip pen. 

The designer recommends using this product in branding, craft projects, social media quotes, and logo design.

7. The Hand

Best Handwritten Fonts

A wonderfully simple handwritten font, the hand is slimline and gentle, with very little flourish to make your content more difficult to read. According to the designers, Julien Saurin and Fanny Coulez, they wanted to create a type font which is extremely balanced and readable. 

The even spacing between the letters and the compact nature of this font makes it a good choice for all kinds of branding project, including logos, letter heads, and email marketing. There are both capital and lower-case versions of the letters available, in a range of weight options.

Two dotted versions of the handwritten font make it particularly valuable for quirky brands.

8. Friday Vibes

Best Handwritten Fonts

Natural and casual, the Friday Vibes handwritten font is meant to look like something you’d scrawl dreamily onto a piece of paper as you look forward to the weekend. Ideal for invitations, wedding designs, stationary, social posts, product packaging, and more, Friday Vibes has it all. 

This font comes with a set of full uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as punctuation and numerals. 

Beautifully simple, Friday Vibes supports multilingual type, so you can experiment with creations for different parts of the world. The upper and lower-case letters blend wonderfully together, and this font also works well with other sans serif designs.

9. Southgirl

Best Handwritten Fonts

One of the more organic-style handwritten fonts mentioned on this list, Southgirl comes from Megi Satyo Widodo. Thanks to a unique texture, this font immediately pulls the eye with an almost paint-like style. 

Available in 3 different kinds of lowercase letters, and with a full set of capital letters, you can adapt the font however you choose to create a unique style. 

Southgirl handwritten is a great choice for various projects, including social media content, weddings, logos, branding, graphic design, and headlines for emails or blogs. Alongside the various lowercase letters and uppercase alternatives, you’ll also have access to various punctuation marks.

10. Terry Junior

Best Handwritten Fonts

Terry Junior is a fun and lively typeface, made to look as though it’s created with a paintbrush, rather than a calligraphy pen or marker. Blocky and bold, this is the kind of font you’d likely choose for thick signage, headers, or logos. 

Despite quite a heavy appearance, Terry Junior is wonderfully warm and welcoming, thanks to its slightly imperfect strokes and rounded edges. The style comes in five alternatives, so you can experiment with different ligatures and images to make the perfect font. 

There’s even a range of multilingual options to choose from, and a much narrower font too.

11. Amadeo

Best Handwritten Fonts

Created by Julius de Goede at the end of the 90s (1999), Amadeo is an artistic and attractive handwriting font. Julius has a strong reputation for creating script and handwritten font options. This is one of the more legible choices on the market, with thin lines and strokes, easy on the eye. 

Published by the Monotype font foundry, there are a range of Amadeo styles to choose from, and you can access support for up to 50 languages, making this product extremely versatile. 

This type choice would work well in a range of environments, including on social media, letterheads, blog posts, and email marketing campaigns.

12. Handsome

Best Handwritten Fonts

Published by the Shinntype Company, and created by Nick Shinn, Handsome is a script-style handwritten font which supports a total of fifty languages. You can access this font in a variety of weights and styles, including an extra light version which is wonderful for readability. 

Latin extended versions are available, as well as unencoded glyphs, symbols, numbers, and various mathematical symbols. We love the swooping and curling letters in this handwritten font. 

Introduced in 2005, it was one of the first script-style typefaces to use the OpenType format for simulating the natural impact of handwriting. 

Perhaps the most significant thing which helps Handsome to stand out is the automatically substituted contextual glyphs in the content.

13. Jump

Best Handwritten Fonts

Almost a little childish in its appearance, Jump is a sweet and joyful font with a lot of organic appeal. This handwritten script is just a little scribbly, as though someone has rushed to write a word or two on a note. 

The informal appeal makes it great for conveying a sense of humanity and charisma for any growing brand. 

The name comes from the fact the letters seem to jump up and down on the page, around the baseline, giving the type a livelier design. This would be a wonderful font choice if you’re looking to publish newsletters or personality-driven blogs.

14. Luedickital

Best Handwritten Fonts

Created by Frank Luedicke, the Leudickital font is all about thinking outside of the box. This is one of the best handwritten fonts for playful companies who want to show their informal side. 

The creator, Frank, believed the current script designs in the handwriting world didn’t seem organic or natural enough for his needs. 

When creating Luedickital, Frank focused on creating unique shapes and slight changes in size between certain letters, to make the flow of the letters seem more natural. If you want something that doesn’t share the same even spacing as a sans serif font, this could be the choice for you. 

Luedickital is also based directly on Frank Leudicke’s own handwriting, with a bold and regular version to choose from.

15. Moon Time

Best Handwritten Fonts

Modern and whimsical, Moon Time is a calligraphy and script-style handwritten font with a range of swashes to choose from for both upper and lowercase letters. The playful typeface has clearly been designed with care, thanks to gentle curve and distinctive heart-shaped flourishes. 

There’s a full set of upper and lower-case letters, a range of numerals, and punctuation, plus you get full multilingual support. Ideal for adding a unique touch to all kinds of social media posts, logos, and branding, Moon Time is sure to appeal to a range of budding small businesses. 

The font was originally designed by Dmitrii Chirkov in 2020.

16. Belluga

Best Handwritten Fonts

Stylish and elegant, Belluga is a script-style handwritten font created by Nicky Laatz. There is a selection of six style options to choose from, as well as various family package options if you want to keep things mixed up. 

We love this handwritten font choice for quotes and social media content. 

The Belluga font looks as though it was painted with a brush or created with a calligraphy pen. However, unlike other script fonts, this product maintains it’s natural-looking ligatures. There’s also a wide range of lowercase alternates to choose from, and a host of glyphs.

Great for making a statement with custom-lettered branding, there’s both a textured version, and a smooth, solid alternative.

17. Paolo Handwriting

Best Handwritten Fonts

Created for the digital world, the Paolo Handwriting font is simple but effective. The italic style makes this font a great choice if you’re looking for something to bring a sense of elegance and luxury to your branding choices. 

This font also works perfectly alongside more common fonts like Arial and Times New Roman. 

Great for handwritten designs on social media or infographics, Paolo Handwriting can lend itself to a range of different environments. The font comes from SoftMaker, and is currently available in just one style, though you may see others emerge in the future.

Choosing the best handwritten fonts

The best handwritten fonts bring your branding projects to life with a unique, human essence. These typefaces feel authentic and fused with personality, making them more compelling if you’re looking for a special way to make a company stand out online. 

Combined with other type options and branding assets, a handwritten font could be the perfect way to help a business connect with their customers. Make sure you check out our other font guides for more insights into the wonders of handwritten fonts. 

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