17 of the best handwriting fonts for a personal touch
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17 of the best handwriting fonts for a personal touch

Best Handwriting Fonts

The best handwriting fonts bring a touch of personality and authenticity to any branding or design project. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find the best handwriting font when you need it. That’s why we’re here to help.

Handwriting fonts, or handwritten fonts, are a kind of typography designed to match the unique appeal of human writing. Unlike standard serif and sans serif fonts, these type options are far more personal, and designed to give even digital elements a more personal touch. 

Fonts are just one of the many things which influence the kind of brand personality you demonstrate to the world. With handwriting fonts, you can come across as friendlier, informal, or just more approachable than competing brands. 

For companies keen to make the right impact, we’re going to use this opportunity to showcase some of our favorite handwriting fonts available today.

When to use the best handwriting fonts

Every kind of font has a purpose. 

Just colors have an emotional impact on your customers, the fonts you choose will influence how your clients feel about you. 

A “handwritten” font is anything which looks as though it may have been written by hand. There are tons of different styles, including fancy cursive options, and scratchier, more childlike writing. 

This kind of typography can be a complex one to use. Though handwriting fonts demonstrate personality and a human image, they’re also not the most legible. Even the best handwriting fonts can be difficult to read on a smaller screen, or from a distance.

This is why it’s important to consider your type options carefully. 

In general, handwriting fonts work best in:

Best Handwriting Fonts


Logos can be a great way to display the best handwriting fonts. Because this typography is full of character, it makes an immediate impact. Just think about the Harrods logo for instance. 

The use of handwriting fonts here reminds you of something personal, and special. It’s like the company has a special seal of approval. 

Handwritten fonts can help to make something appear hand-made, or personalized. They’re also great for creative companies which make a lot of things without machinery.

Social media

Social media posts are intended to feel like person-to-person interactions, managed through the web. If you’re trying to connect with your customers through social media, raw and authentic-looking content will always make the best impact. 

A handwriting-style message on your social media posts or banners could be a great way to give you a more personal impact. Scribbly, or even cursive fonts make a huge difference.

Best Handwriting Fonts

Print design, like the flyers and posters you may use to advertise a business, is a great environment for handwriting fonts. You can really make the assets you create feel custom-made and personal with this kind of typography. 

Just remember, if you are creating signage, or any kind of printed products, you’ll still need to ensure the content is as legible as possible. This is particularly true if people are going to be viewing the content from a distance. 

17 of the best handwriting fonts

Now we’ve seen some of the ways you might use handwriting fonts, let’s take a look at some of the best handwriting fonts for your company. Remember, less is definitely more when it comes to creative fonts like this. 

1. ITC Zemke Hand

Best Handwriting Fonts

Beautifully simple and easy to read, the Zemke Hand font is playful and a little childish – mimicking the kind of handwriting you might expect from a younger child. 

This particular type was created by Deborah Zemke and based on her own handwriting. She decided to transform the font into something she could use online, for ITC situations. 

Carefree, cheerful, and straightforward, this is one of the best handwriting fonts if you want a typography which isn’t going to hurt the eyes with too many flourishes and cursive elements. 

The typeface might be a good choice for companies who work with children, or publish cartoons, comics, and similar assets.

2. Modern Love

Best Handwriting Fonts

Although a little tougher to read than some handwriting fonts, the Modern Love typography has grown extremely popular over the years. A good choice for makeup and beauty brands, Modern Love is the brainchild of Paco Gonzalez and Giuseppe Salerno. 

Wonderfully playful and polished at the same time, this is a cursive font with plenty of flourishes around the letters to demonstrate the charm of the person behind it. This font stems from the days when calligraphy-style wordmarks were more popular. 

Ideal for posters, headlines, invitations, and even book titles, Modern Love is a work of passion and excitement, combined into a beautiful font.

3. Flair Hand

Best Handwriting Fonts

An excellent choice for a jewelry brand, or a company who wants to show a combination of luxury and elegance, Flair Hand is all about the dramatic. 

This is one of the best handwriting fonts for those who love the fun and playfulness of cursive, with curves and loops in both the uppercase and lowercase versions of letters. 

Flair Hand comes with a range of exaggerated punctuation, number, alphabetic, and miscellaneous characters to choose from. This font reminds us heavily of the kind of calligraphy-focused fonts common on wedding invitations and similar RSVP cards today. 

For small amounts of branding, titles, or even on social media posts, Flair Hand will instantly draw the eye and leave a lasting impression. 

4. Palmer Lake

Best Handwriting Fonts

Palmer Lake is a fun and eye-catching typography ideal for creating quotes, logos, or just adding the warmth of a handwritten font to any project. Palmer Lake is unique among the best handwriting fonts, because you’ll often find it remains legible and easy to enjoy at any size. 

The same stroke thickness is available for both the print and script versions. 

Part of what makes Palmer Lake so compelling is the uppercase letters of the printing font are the same height as the lowercase letters of the scripting font. This makes it much easier to line the two up in a combination project. 

Each font also comes with alternates, so you can get creative with your logos or images. 

5. Better Times

Best Handwriting Fonts

A truly uplifting font designed to inspire and amaze, the Better Times font is a bold and free-flowing font intended to be easy to customize with a range of different letter sets and swashes. 

A great thing about this font is it looks fantastic when used in all-lowercase, or all capital letters. So, you can get as bold or as simplistic as you like with your projects.

The Better Times brush font is something you can enjoy using time and time again, with everything from handwritten quotes to promotional materials and product packaging. 

The family consists of three font options, including multilingual support for a huge selection of languages. This is perfect for companies going global.

6. Lumios Marker

Best Handwriting Fonts

Casual yet compelling, the Lumios handwriting font gives the appearance of a freehand scrawl, created with a beautiful calligraphy pen. There are both extended Latin and Cyrillic support options included with this font, as well as a wide range of ligatures and alternates to browse through. 

The designer of this best handwriting font made it easy to get creative, by creating design elements to go alongside them. You can implement these elements into greeting cards, brand marks, and more. 

The fonts are traced carefully by hand, and they’re all safe to use in graphic design software. This is an ideal type choice if you’re looking for a way to bring a human element to the digital world. 

7. Salty Feathers

Best Handwriting Fonts

Salty Feathers is a surprising and eye-catching font by Sans and Sons. There are lots of elements to draw the eye about this font, from the wide and exaggerated loops to the playful elements on the strokes. 

This font looks as though it was designed by someone used to writing out RSVP cards for big events or creating wedding invitations.

The luxury calligraphy vibe would make this an excellent choice of font for a company looking to showcase it’s sensual and high-class side. We think this font would work well for a chocolatier, a jewelry maker, or any creative artist who works with their hands. 

8. September Spirit

Best Handwriting Fonts

Designed to be as realistic as possible, September Spirit is a handwritten font duo, offering both capital and lowercase letter combinations to suit your needs. These uniquely designed letter combinations bring a sense of soul to any branding project. 

There are plenty of unique ligatures to explore, and components which seem to tell a story. 

Created by Sam Parrett in 2020, we think this font would be an excellent choice for a more modern branding effort, perhaps including Instagram-based social media posts with meaningful quotes. 

We could also see a design like this working at the top of a blog or news page or announcing the arrival of a newsletter.

9. Lemon Yellow Sun

Best Handwriting Fonts

Designed by David Kerkhoff, Lemon Yellow Sun is a modern and friendly-feeling song inspired by a Pearl Jam song lyric. This is one of the many all-caps options available among the best handwriting fonts. When dealing with a script-style font like handwriting typography, it can be a little easier to read bold capital letters. 

Lemon Yellow Sun is a tall font with a lot of diacritics and happy looking glyphs. The characters in this font seem to bounce across the page, giving more depth to the content, and making it instantly more friendly and appealing. 

Though there aren’t as many diverse alternative options with this font as you’d get from other handwriting fonts, it’s a great choice for online branding.

10. FF Providence sans

Best Handwriting Fonts

Published by FontFont as a product within the FF Providence Super Family, this compelling handwriting font is beautifully childish and carefree. The type first emerged thanks to Guy Jeffrey Nelson, who created it during 1994 to go within a comic book series.

 The FF Providence sans font was written for the dialog in the book.

This is a font which works well alongside other styles, with different weights and a set of unique ligatures to explore. The type was named after the designer’s hometown, perhaps because it evoked feelings of childish nostalgia.

This would be a great font choice for a company appealing to a younger audience.

11. Limon

Best Handwriting Fonts

Wonderfully elegant and almost luxurious in style, this script-style handwriting font comes from Sabrina Mariela Lopez. Great for jewelry companies, or those who want to convey beauty, the Limon font is all about swooping curves and soft lines. 

This type appears to come from calligraphy origins, with its carefully hand-crafted ligatures. 

Available in a range of weights and styles, the Limon font would look wonderful on an Instagram caption, or at the top of a blog post. It works well in apps and posters and could offer a great option for companies in search of effective print-on-demand clothing designs. 

Unlike many other, older fonts, the Limon fonts also comes with a range of dingbats for flourish. 

12. PF Reminder Pro

Best Handwriting Fonts

Created back in 2003 originally, the PF Reminder Pro font comes from Panos Vassiliou, and was published by the Parachute type foundry. Intended to remind you of the notes you might leave on the refrigerator or around the home for loved ones, this type feels highly personal and authentic. 

Great for adding humanity and homeliness to a brand image, the PF Reminder Pro font looks and feels welcoming, with its soft edges and highly engaging natural diversity. There are kerning options available, additional numbers, alternates, and up to 555 glyphs to explore. 

Over the years since its creation, Reminder has been surprisingly popular, embraced by automobile and banking companies alike. 

13. Rumble Brave Vintage

Best Handwriting Fonts

Rumble Brave Vintage is a unique handwriting font based on a mixture of design styles. Created with a focus on vintage and Victorian classic calligraphy fonts, The Rumble Brave collection comes with a selection of designs to choose from, including a serif product, script, and dingbat collection.

This eye-catching type combines style, elegancy, and luxury, with an ornamental collection which also provides a further 2 gradients to enjoy. Easy to use, with or without a lot of design software to work with, the Rumble Brave Vintage type is a great choice for a range of brand designs. 

This typeface would work well on logos, badges, websites and more. 

14. Showcase

Best Handwriting Fonts

Showcase is a handwriting-style font with a wide selection of styles to choose from. For the purpose of this best handwriting font list, we’re looking specifically at the script-style handwriting font, which is beautifully spaced, and easy to read in a range of sizes. 

Combined with its sans serif and serif font versions, Showcase is versatile and easy-to-use in a range of environments. It would work well at the top of a blog page or offer an excellent dose of personality to a social media post. 

There’s even a selection of dingbats and ornamental components to go alongside your type, however you choose to use it. 

Great for a variety of projects, Showcase would even look incredible as signage for a quirky coffee shop, or a florist store. 

15. Tangerine

Best Handwriting Fonts

Adorably approachable and bubbly, the Tangerine font looks like it would belong on any product packaging for a young child. This attractive font is perfect for party invitations, cards, baby showers, and a host of other branding opportunities. 

There are numbers and punctuation options included with the design, which currently comes in English only. 

There’s something fresh and eye-catching about this font which really helps to add a human element to the brand components of a website, or company. Tangerine has both upper and lowercase characters to explore, but it would look great in an all lowercase or all caps design too. 

16. Ball Pen

Best Handwriting Fonts

Created in 2016, Ball Pen is a relatively modern choice on our list of the best handwriting fonts. Currently available on its own or as part of a handwriting bundle, this type comes with various extra components and embellishments to explore. 

Great for badges, packaging design, social media posts, logos, signatures, and quotes, this font looks wonderfully human and authentic. The swooping curves and gentle lines really bring this font to life.

Like many of the best handwriting fonts, the Ball Pen product looks great when used alongside other font types. You could mix it on a website with a serif or sans-serif font to add a bubbly or sophisticated energy. 

17. Handwritten

Best Handwriting Fonts

Finally, if you’re looking for the best handwriting fonts Canva and similar design tools can offer, there are tons of great choices out there. 

The Handwritten font in the Canva collection is one of the simplest, but most appealing solutions, with its slightly angled and skewed letters offering a more authentic feel. 

This font isn’t as embellished as some of the other handwriting fonts we’ve discussed so far, making it great for social media posts if your audience is likely to scroll on their phone. There’s a fun and childish air to this font which also makes it great for a slightly younger audience, or parents. 

The best handwriting fonts

The best handwriting fonts are wonderfully personalized and eye-catching tools for making your visual assets stand out. Great for adding a touch of humanity to your branding strategy, handwriting fonts are authentic and charming. 

Although they won’t work perfectly in every environment, these fonts can really transform a packaging, website, or social media design project. It’s definitely worth having a few of the handwriting fonts above in your toolkit, just in case your next project needs a more playful personality. 

Don’t forget to check out our lists of other beautiful fonts for more inspiration on the kind of solutions you can create. 

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