Cool fonts to draw: Have fun with hand lettering
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Cool fonts to draw: Have fun with hand lettering

Cool Fonts To Draw

Finding cool fonts to draw is one of the best ways to fall head-over-heels with the art of hand lettering. While it’s fair to say there are plenty of great software tools out there to help you create the ultimate typography these days, discovering different fonts to draw gives you a whole new skill.

Hand lettering is something many graphic artists practice, as well as brand designers and typography experts. After all, how could you create the custom typefaces used by some of the world’s leading brands without some skills in drawing your own fonts?

Today, we’re going to help you start your journey into the wonderful world of hand lettering, with a wide selection of cool fonts to draw and practice.

Why find cool letter fonts to draw?

Graphic artists and brand designers have access to many assets to help them create the ultimate designs for their customers today. You can even find tools to help with things like kerning and leading (the space between your letters).

However, there are still benefits in learning how to draw fonts by hand. Hand lettering is a skill practiced by numerous creative professionals – particularly those who specialize in the design of company logos.

With hand lettering, you can learn how to produce amazing fonts from scratch – perfect for when you want to create a unique design for a client.

Practicing calligraphy with a range of different fonts to draw can help to open your mind to the creative process of designing typography. It also means you have a wider variety of skills to tap into when presenting a potential brand design to a customer.

Let’s dive into some of the best fonts to draw to hone your skills…

Cool Fonts To Draw

1. Natashya

An excellent blend of edginess and elegance, Nataysha is an attractive brush-style font, ideal for a host of labels, letterheads, posters, and more. This cool hand-drawn font has a unique, exotic edge to it, making it wonderfully eye-catching and original.

You can even practice combining various upper and lowercase letters, using the sleek cursive style.

Cool Fonts To Draw

2. The Night Watch

Free to download, The Night Watch is a fantastic pick on our list of cool fonts to draw. Great for short-length text, headlines, and logos, the Night Watch combines bold serif elements with rounded forms to create a compelling, modern finish.

This typeface has elements of fantasy and mystery to it, making it ideal for a range of brands.

Cool Fonts To Draw

3. Outeris

There’s something wonderfully energetic and playful about the calligraphy style font “Outeris”. This beautiful font brings your attention to the unique curves and flourishes of each individual letter, making it great for learning how to draw type.

The long and sweeping strokes are also an excellent pick if you’re drawing with a paintbrush.

Cool Fonts To Draw

4. Snoofer

A futuristic-style handwritten font, the Snoofer is intended for modern designs, when you want to catch the eye with something bold, yet playful. The Snoofer font is beautifully spaced, so it’s great for clarity, if you’re having trouble finding something both eye-catching and easy to read.

This could be a great cool font to draw if you’re designing for a contemporary company.

Cool Fonts To Draw

5. Exodus

Powerful and eye-catching, the Exodus font is a beautiful display serif typeface, with a range of unique alternative characters to experiment with. This font has an extraterrestrial element to it, as well as stencil-style variations, so you can experiment with different kinds of hand lettering.

This typography could be an ideal choice for any brand looking to break the mold.

Cool Fonts To Draw

6. Bullate

The Bullate font is a bold, blocky, and confident typeface, ideal for modern brands with a friendly edge. The sans-serif styling makes this font wonderfully approachable, and ideal for companies with a slightly younger audience.

There are a lot of playful curves to this font, which make it seem less aggressive than some of the other bold lettering options available today.

Cool Fonts To Draw

7. Ecriture

Finding different fonts to draw doesn’t have to mean experimenting consistently with complex, calligraphy-style typefaces. You can also try some more simplistic, minimalist fonts too, like the Ecriture type.

Classy and modern, this font has a sleek and stylish aesthetic perfect for anyone in search of a Scandinavian-style brand aesthetic.

Cool Fonts To Draw

8. Jean Splice

A typeface you can’t help but stare at, Jean Splice has a fantasy and sci-fi appeal to it, making it one of the cooler fonts on this list for a specific audience. The design involves combining multiple different sizes of the same font to a single line, to create an artistic finish.

This is a great font for a movie company, or perhaps even a book cover.

Cool Fonts To Draw

9. Wren

An interesting and intrinsically cool font, Wren plays with the white space in letters to create something wonderfully unique.

With a number of bold lines and thinner stripes to play with, this typeface is sure to spark your imagination and get you thinking about the juxtaposition of modern, and more traditional fonts.

Cool Fonts To Draw

10. Lemon Pops

Perfect for capturing the attention of a younger audience, Lemon Pops is an eye-catching and bold font, with a beautiful handwritten vibe. This is the kind of font we’d expect to see on a website designed for modern teenagers.

Ideal for experimenting with different weight sand textures in your hand lettering projects, this is a great typeface to add to your list.

Cool Fonts To Draw

11. Yaroslav

There’s something wonderfully art-deco about this Yaroslav font. Sure to grab the eye as part of the branding for a drinks brand or a restaurant, this beautiful font combines unique spacing with elongated lines for a unique visual appeal.

If you like the idea of practicing some narrow fonts, this could be the pick for you.

Cool Fonts To Draw

12. Olegos

Beautifully minimal, Olegos is a typeface created with a Scandinavian appeal in mind. Created by broadening the gaps between various letters, this font pushes the mind to reform letters on its own.

It’s a great font for getting people thinking, and it could be an excellent way to start practicing your hand lettering skills.

Cool Fonts To Draw

13. Pajaritos

Fresh and youthful, the Pajaritos font is a great one to experiment with if you’re new to the hand lettering world. You can consider adding your own flourishes and elements, depending on the kind of project you’re working on.

We’d also recommend playing with things like kerning and weight, to see how the letters look together in different formats.

Cool Fonts To Draw

14. Skater Dudes

Simple and eye-catching, this is one of our top picks for easy cool fonts to draw. The Skater Dudes font is a bold, sans-serif typeface available in both upper and lowercase. This is the kind of type, which is bound to appeal to a younger, more rebellious audience.

We love the design for a fast food restaurant, or something similar with a strong appeal to families and younger audiences.

Cool Fonts To Draw

15. Bakehouse

We’re huge fans of the quirky and youthful nature of this cool font. The Bakehouse font combines some traditional serif elements with a number of curves and flourishes to really make the design stand out.

This font could be ideal for anyone looking for a more vintage style typography to bring to their branding efforts. There’s definitely something special about this design.

Cool Fonts To Draw

16. Folders

Folders is a playful font which has a wonderful elegance to it. Though not as complex as some of the other cursive or script-style fonts on our list of cool fonts to draw, it still has a compelling handwritten nature.

This is the kind of font which would likely work well for a company trying to convey a friendly and down-to-earth nature.

Cool Fonts To Draw

17. Elixia

Simple but effective, Elixia is a geometric font with a focus on sleek, simple lines, and angles. According to the designer, Kimmy Lee, this font has a strong vertical element and was inspired by the hexagonal grid system.

If you’re going to choose this as your top pick for cool fonts to draw, we recommend keeping a ruler handy to get the lines as straight as possible.

Cool Fonts To Draw

18. Cool Unkle

Combining a bold stroke with a slightly slanted design, Cool Unkle is a powerful handwritten display font which you’ll learn how to draw in no time. This typeface benefits from being simultaneously eye-catching and impressively easy to read.

The letters work together in perfect harmony, ideal for writing a quote on a product, or designing a unique wordmark.

Cool Fonts To Draw

19. Bulgaria Script

If you’re ready to get a little more advanced with your hand lettering after a while, the Bulgaria Script font is a great choice. You can go as complex as you’d like with the bold flourishes and extended lines on this decorative font.

It’s definitely worth playing around with the weight of the font too, as a slimmer vision can create an entirely new aesthetic.

Cool Fonts To Draw

20. Monologue Rounded

Quirky and exciting, the Monologue Rounded typeface is a top pick if you’re looking to experiment with sizing in your letters to create a unique effect.

There are a multitude of different variations of this font, which focuses on lengthening and shortening different letters at various points throughout a word to create visual interest.

Cool Fonts To Draw

21. Skinny Jeans

A great choice if you’re working with a fashion brand, or a company trying to appeal to a younger audience, Skinny Jeans is one of the simpler cool fonts to draw. We like how certain letters in this typeface can seem to almost meld together when you use them correctly.

It’s definitely worth experimenting with the flourishes on the larger letters too.

Cool Fonts To Draw

22. Splash

Contemporary and simple, the Splash font uses bold, thick lines and eye-catching elements to really pull attention from any audience. This hand-drawn font has a youthful nature to it, making it an excellent pick for anyone who wants to design a brand identity for a brand with a younger audience.

You’ll have no problem practicing these fonts to draw with a brush or pen.

Cool Fonts To Draw

23. Art Plot

Created to be bold, grungy, and somewhat friendly at the same time, Art Plot is a powerful header-style font, intended for companies looking to make a statement. The absence of open portions in letters like A, R, and O almost make this font look as though it’s been stamped onto the page.

There’s something endearing about the raw nature of this font.

Cool Fonts To Draw

24. Bogam

Like many of the cool fonts to draw on this list, Bogam is a bold and eye-catching sans-serif type, available in both upper and lowercase.

There’s also a version of this font which adds serifs, which we feel gives the design a very retro appeal, similar to something you might expect to see in the 1960s.

This could be the ideal font for a more vintage brand.

Cool Fonts To Draw

25. Aquila

Beautifully friendly and youthful at the same time, Aquila is one of our top fancy cool fonts to draw, when you’re looking for something which combines modernity and elegance. We’d recommend experimenting with this style of font in a range of different weights.

You can create a very different effect depending on how bold you want to go with the lettering.

Cool Fonts To Draw

26. Fine Todey

When you’re working with bold fonts, one of the best ways to really make the design stand out, is to miss certain portions of the letter out, to add a sense of texture.

Fine Todey” is an excellent example of how playing with the different dimensions of your letters can create a unique illustrative effect.

Cool Fonts To Draw

27. Planet Benson 2

With almost a cartoonish appeal to it, this cool font is one of our favorites. Designed by Raymond Larabie, the type is modelled after suburban graffiti, making it a good pick for anyone who wants to attract a younger audience.

The design is easy to learn and brimming with a friendly and youthful vibe.

Cool Fonts To Draw

28. Andila Handwriting

The Andila handwriting font is a very authentic-looking, hand-drawn typography. Looking at this font, you can really imagine someone drawing it by hand.

The design is eye-catching and minimalist, with an easy-to-read finish which makes it perfect for a wide range of headers, word marks, and different design elements.

Cool Fonts To Draw

29. Raygun

A modern typeface with a classical flare, Raygun combines elements of an old-fashioned cursive font, with sleek contemporary lines. This attractive typeface is perfect for headlines on websites or eye-catching quotes on your Instagram feed.

We also think it would make a fantastic font choice for anyone experimenting with wordmarks.

Cool Fonts To Draw

30. Seren Script

One of our favorite script-style choices for a “cool font”, Seren Script combines a beautifully traditional cursive image with excellent spacing for better clarity.

Available in a range of weights to play with, this script font is all about unique and playful flourishes intended to draw the eye to certain points in a word or quote.

Cool Fonts To Draw

31. Bock

Experiment with sleek, slender lines using the Bock font. Created by the VP Creative Shop, this typeface is a clean, easy-to-read, and futuristic font with lots of appeal for a wide range of brands.

Great for everything from magazine headers to logos, Bock could be a brilliant font for any creative artist to add to their portfolio.

Cool Fonts To Draw

32. Shallom Brush

If you’re experimenting with different fonts to draw, and you want to play with some paintbrushes, we’d definitely recommend giving the Shallom Brush font a try. One of the best things about this font is the way it mixes complex cursive elements with simpler, more compact, hand-drawn characters.

You can even experiment with a range of different textures.

Cool Fonts To Draw

33. Overexposed

With a unique science-fiction aesthetic, the Overexposed font is definitely a good pick for anyone who wants to think outside of the box. This font could be a great choice for a wordmark depicting a new gaming company or technology brand.

Though simple enough to learn how to draw, the decorative grunge-style font is sure to capture plenty of attention.

Cool Fonts To Draw

34. Lombok

A minimalist and almost futuristic font from Alexandre Pietra, this cool font is excellent for experimenting with different shapes in your hand lettering. The Lombok typography immediately grabs attention with the intelligent use of white space and separation between letters.

It’s also a relatively easy font to start experimenting with if you’re new to hand lettering.

Cool Fonts To Draw

35. Biban

Biban is a really engaging handwritten script, with a bold and easy to read design. The cursive font allows designers to get creative with how they add their flourishes and serifs into the mix.

This could be an ideal choice for a designer working with a sustainable fashion company, a food brand, or another business with a focus on approachability.

Cool Fonts To Draw

36. Awesome Journey

A font created to help you experiment with different textures in your hand lettering skills, Awesome Journey is a brush-style typography with lots of character. This beautiful and bold font is great if you’re looking for something with strong and eye-catching brushstrokes.

You can even try drawing this font with a marker.

Cool Fonts To Draw

37. Chameeta

Another of the top cool fonts to draw with a number of impressive uses, the Chameeta font is playful and modern, with various unique components designed to draw the eye. This font was created in 2019 and uses a flowing style to keep the eye moving across the page.

This is a great font to practice if you’re looking for more calligraphy-style lettering.

Cool Fonts To Draw

38. Native

Wonderfully modern and great for anyone with a love of geometric shapes, the Native typeface involves using angles and lines to give each letter more depth and visual appeal.

This is one of the best fonts to start practicing with if you’re a beginner, as you can avoid experimenting too heavily with any cursive swirls or flourishes.

Cool Fonts To Draw

39. Polar Vertex

Designed to inspire free thinkers and dreamers, Polar Vertex is an attractive display font with a range of unique elements baked into every letter to give them more visual interest.

The design involves using a lot of geometric shapes like arrows, triangles and circles, which is ideal if you’re looking to create a more contemporary design for a client.

Cool Fonts To Draw

40. Veshion

Veshion is an interesting font to learn how to draw when you want to get creative and artistic with your hand lettering. The design involves a very modern serif type, combined with little floral elements you can add to various different letters.

This font would be great for a floral company, for wedding monograms, and all kinds of back-to-nature brands.

Experimenting with different fonts to draw

Hopefully these cool fonts to draw have inspired you to start your own hand lettering journey.

Hand lettering, or drawing various letters and fonts by hand, is a fantastic way to take your graphic design skills to the next level. By practicing how to draw cool fonts by hand, you’ll be able to expand your appeal to a range of clients in search of new logo and branding designs.

With the skill to experiment with fonts, you can even get involved with things like packaging design, or the creation of beautiful, artistic products for your own ecommerce company.

Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep working on different styles of font to make sure you have a broad range of skills to bring to the table.

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