Branding for Millennials

Branding for Millennials 

Top 10 tips for Millennial branding… 

Unique means targeted, targeted means convenient, morally conscious, inclusive, flexible, trendy and accessible. The result? Shareable content and a memorable brand. Top 10 tips for Millennial branding. 

01. Unique and creative ideas

Companies who go that extra mile, or develop something new and exciting are much more likely to be admired by the Millennial generation. The company Chipotle developed a fictional web series, followed by an iPhone game. Both of these were used to inform customers about the companies principles, focusing on sustainable food production. This created a unique experience that Millennials could participate in. This also grants companies with freedom and true expression of creative ideas. 

02. Targeted marketing 

Millennial’s respond well to direct and targeting marketing strategies, which focus on them, their issues, their interests and their experiences. By making a brand’s messaging speak directly to someone – ensuring it’s relatable and personal within their life – the overall repose will skyrocket.

03. Efficient 

Millennials want marketing to provide convenience and time-efficient messaging. Now, with ever more fast-paced world, brands have limited time to make an impression. A key example is Tide Pods who have done so well among this generation. The brand focuses on innovation, as well as the products no-fuss qualities. A message that speaks directly to Millennials’ quest for efficient, well… everything.

04. Participating  

Allow customers to contribute to all aspects of brand marketing and be involved in the development. Doritos recently launched a campaign which allowed the audience to decide how their two new flavours would be marketed. This was picked up by social media, allowing a huge audience to participate and engage. 

05. Flexibility

Recognise the evolving lifestyles of Millennials and don’t be afraid to adapt with them. Effective Millennial focused brands change to their audiences interests, lifestyle, and newly discovered trends. 

06. Embracing trends

What’s cool, what’s hip, what’s happenin’? Cliches perhaps, but these are important things to stay on top of. Something relevant can easily be picked up and talked about, if something seems dated or behind the times, it will be left behind. An example of this within the Millennial generation is company morality…

07. Morally conscious

Provide Millennials with the opportunity to morally commit to a cause within the brand. If a brand has environmental standards and goals, share this with your audience. A brand who springs to mind is TOMS, who’s company financial goals are intertwined with the moral purpose of providing shoes for the less fortunate.

08. Go to their environment 

It is essential that a brands content can be found where this generation is, and that is online. Brand identities should always be built with social media at the forefront of key decision making and overall strategy. If their environment is not considered, any resulting new campaign is going to be facing an uphill battle to nowhere.

09. Creating shareable content

The main aim for a brand on social media, should be to create shareable content. To do this the content must be memorable, impressive, high quality and reflect the individuals interests. 

10. Memorable

As you will see, many of the above tips overlap and lead on from one another. If a campaign, visual identity or brand messaging is unique it is more likely to be targeted. If targeted, it is more likely to be shared. It is more likely to be shared if the content is convenient, morally conscious, inclusive, flexible, trendy and accessible. All these point lead to one final point, memorability.

About the author...

William Baker

Digital native. WordPress evangelist. Content manager. Will lives his life online. And, when he’s not online, he’s busy chasing up content and preparing assets for digital marketing campaigns. A wireless headset and retina-display are all it takes to keep Will happy, as he busily monitors social trends, analyses data and reports on analytics. Always optimising, always on the internet. That’s Will.


  1. I love the idea of getting your customers involved in the branding. I think that’s a great way to minimise some of the risks with rebranding. Your customers know you are doing it for them so you’re less likely to loose them in the transition.

    • By Kelly Sheldrick |
    • 24 November 2016
    • Reply
  2. These are valid and interesting points and they are actually interwoven and lead from one to another but the one that strikes me most is targeted marketing, I personally respond well to things that relate to my personal experiences

    • By Rachael Mills |
    • 22 November 2016
    • Reply
    • I couldn’t agree more Rachael, it is all about building upon personal experiences and relating to the individual.

      • By Phoebe Hillier |
      • 16 December 2016
      • Reply

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