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Meet Aldous Lippard

Brand strategist

A brand strategist and leadership coach. Aldous was originally our client, the marketing director that brought us in.

Having enjoyed the experience so much, he decided to go agency side and joined our team. It’s his role to investigate, research and speak with our clients and get inside their heads.

How did he get here?

Starting as a marketing bod at Toshiba, Aldous worked his way up the ranks before becoming the head of marketing for companies in the technology and healthcare industries.

Throughout his time, he realised that the part of the job he enjoyed the most was working with people. Running focus groups. Interviewing chief executives. Figuring out a brand’s personality, culture and values.

Now, he applies those skills to both individuals and companies. Whether it’s helping someone learn to lead or drilling into a business’ identity –the process is the same. It’s his goal to hold up a mirror and have people, and companies realise who they really are. Because when you understand yourself, you can hire and lead people far more effectively.

What drives Aldous?

Having an impact on others. When Aldous is helping others and communicating the truth behind the curtain to them, he feels most proud. Even in his spare time, he mentors people, helping them achieve the goals they’veset out for themselves.

When he isn’t helping others, you’ll likely find him winning awards for his humorous public speaking (not stand-up, he’s keen to point out). Or just cooking for his friends.

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