Want to get to the promised
land? (The 1st page of Google)
You need SEO copywriting!


The internet is crowded. There are millions of businesses jostling for attention online. How can yours stand out? By applying the principles of search engine optimisation (SEO) copywriting to your website.

The benefits of web pages that rank higher on search engines are clear: increased website traffic, and therefore, leads. Create content that ranks organically for your target keywords and you can enjoy the benefits without the cost of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.
To make sure potential customers can find your website, and do what you want them to when they get there, you need to use specific techniques. Fabrik Brands can help with this. We know how to make your business more visible online. On this page you’ll learn how we do it.

Many businesses think simply having a website is enough. They give little thought to the quality of the content on the website. And even less to SEO copywriting. The fact that you’re reading this page means you’re already one step ahead.

First of all, in order to create demand for your product or service, your content needs to be interesting and useful for readers. That’s copywriting. Secondly, it should be structured and written in such a way that makes it easy for search engines to understand. That’s SEO copywriting.

Granted, that is an epic oversimplification. But when you apply both of these disciplines to your content, search engines like Google can find it and label it correctly in the results.

So, is it complicated? Not necessarily. For every piece of content Fabrik creates, we follow the same process. It starts by asking four simple questions:

  • Who are you talking to?

  • What do you want to say?

  • What keywords do you want to include?

  • What do you want the content to achieve?

In this way, we make sure that all content is relevant for your readers, and based on a clear business purpose.

Actually, there are two main aspects of SEO: on-page SEO (the style and length of the content, as well as the links and keywords you include); and technical SEO (the structure and code of the website itself). We can help with both. Although technical SEO is obviously easier to address when building a new website.

The fact that you found this page is evidence of our understanding of SEO copywriting. We can do the same for your business. Fabrik’s combination of strategic, creative and technical expertise helps companies in the UK and worldwide to get the most from their online presence.

Want to be on the high street? Or down a dusty back alley?

As previously stated, these days just having a website is not enough. A website is your online shop window. It doesn’t matter how shiny it is if no one can find it. An unoptimised website is tucked away down a dusty back alley of the internet. A well-written and optimised website is on the busy high street where punters are desperate to spend their cash.
With this in mind, choosing the keywords you want to focus on is of critical importance. What keywords are your customers searching for? What are the less competitive niche keywords that could give you a strategic edge? Fabrik can answer these questions and help you plan your content accordingly.

Keyword research forms the basis of a keyword strategy that will guide the creation of your content now and in the future. Bear in mind that search engine algorithms are much more sophisticated than they used to be. Crude ‘keyword stuffing’ tactics no longer work, and could actually harm your rankings.

In addition, content should always respect the reader by providing useful information that is relevant to your chosen keywords. It should be structured for readability with a powerful headline, engaging subheadings, and short paragraphs. Your metadata (the ‘labels’ for each page of your website) should also be well-written and optimised for relevant keywords.

To start with, we find out what content you need and where it’s going. It might be fresh content for a new website. Or revamped content for an existing site. If your business has an established written personality (tone of voice) we can adopt it, or tweak if necessary. We can even develop your brand’s tone of voice from scratch, using language that reflects your brand values and resonates with your customers.

While you might be able to provide a rough draft or a detailed brief, don’t worry if you can’t. We’ll ask questions to fill in the gaps. Then we start writing. We sometimes nail it on the first draft. If not, we make revisions until you’re happy and your content is ready for the eyes of the world.

SEO copywriting is an ongoing process

There are some aspects of SEO copywriting that take time to address. For example, the overall ‘authority’ of your website. Increasing authority involves proving to search engines that your website contains useful content that people want to read and share. If you focus on producing high-quality SEO copy, the authority of your site will gradually improve.
Also, the internet is constantly moving. So you should be too. Tweaking and updating content to reflect developments in your business is an essential part of the SEO process. Think of your customers’ interaction with your website as an ongoing conversation. You need to find new and interesting things to say if you want to keep their attention.

To conclude, by applying SEO copywriting principles to your web pages it’s possible to reach the first page of search results. This will lead to significantly increased traffic to your website. If the content on your website is engaging and persuasive, you can expect more enquiries and more sales. In a nutshell, SEO copywriting is a pipeline towards sales and business growth.

SEO services:

  • Content auditing
  • Competitor analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Metadata optimisation
  • Optimising linking profiles
  • Improving page structure
  • Better image readability
  • Copywriting and editing

Is SEO copywriting
on your agenda?

Like all promised lands, top search engine rankings are challenging to reach. Unlike most, this one has a map. Fabrik knows the way to this digital El Dorado. We’ve been taking businesses there for years. Want to come?
Fabrik is an SEO copywriting agency in London. Our expert team of SEO specialists provide search engine optimisation solutions, through the use of SEO copywriting and technical SEO, to get you where it really matters – page 1.