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At Fabrik we apply joined-up thinking to produce joined up branding, marketing and creative design services. We must… these days, all communications, from digital campaigns to websites, and from traditional media to social outreach are connected. We always look at the bigger picture, constructing strategies and creative design solutions that work in the round. Our broad range of complementary services are essential to successful brand-building.

Fabrik provides the impetus needed to get new brands off the ground, and restore existing, tired brands to their former glory. If you're struggling to raise the awareness and recognition you deserve, Fabrik is ready to provide assistance. As an established brand consultancy in London, we provide expert insight and ideas. We'll show your brand in a better light, and put our recommendations into practice. Read more
If your marketing communications are in need of sparkle (and remedial intervention) you’ve come to the right place. Fabrik develops communication strategies built on a deep-rooted belief that consistency is just as important as creativity. We use strategic and creative thinking to realise the full potential of a brand. From mixed-media to multi-channel. And from the big screen to a weeny smartphone, we’ll ensure your marketing communications are truly integrated. Read more
Fabrik writes and designs brand guidelines that connect a company with its audience at every touchpoint. From the smallest piece of literature in a company’s portfolio, to complex online installations of the brand identity. We make sure the ‘look & feel’ of a brand is consistent, and that its messaging is delivered to a consistently high standard. Whatever the medium. Read more
We devise digital brand strategies and create campaigns that get our clients noticed and remembered. Drawing on our deep-rooted knowledge of the digital medium, we get the balance between strategy, creativity and technology just right. And, we embrace new ways of thinking. Read more
We turn information into exciting, branded infographic designs. When analysing text, spreadsheets, miscellaneous facts and figures, we ask if this will really make for an engaging read? Will a brochure crammed with copy, diagrams and charts really cut-through, and appeal to the sense? Shareable and ultimately social, infographics are often an ideal way to provide your busy network with the information they need. Read more
Fabrik is a brand strategy and digital design agency. We’re based in London, but go wherever work takes us. If you can’t find the services you’re looking for, it’s probably because we haven’t added it yet. We will, over time… In the meantime please drop us a line or give us a call for an informal chat.