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At Fabrik we apply joined-up thinking to produce joined up branding, marketing and creative design services. We must… these days, all communications, from digital campaigns to websites, and from traditional media to social outreach are connected. We always look at the bigger picture, constructing strategies and creative design solutions that work in the round. Our broad range of complementary services are essential to successful brand-building.

Ask us to turn water into wine and we’ll give it a go. But even we know when to admit defeat. Ask us for the secret to powerful communication and…aha! We’re playing at our home ground with a capacity crowd roaring us to victory. Fabrik is a graphic design agency that combines business and creative thinking to help you succeed. Come and say hello. We’ll stop dancing with the corner flag and sit down for a chat. In the meantime, read on to find out more about powerful communication… Read more
Ever since early man decorated his cave with symbols, human beings have been making their mark. We don't think they copyrighted that line drawing of a wildebeest. So you could have that as your logo. Although modern branding is a bit more sophisticated, keeping it simple is still one of the most important principles of logo design. Distilling the essence of your brand into a memorable logo is not an easy process. But it's something we've done many times. Find out how… Read more
Steven Spielberg has never, as far as we know, turned an annual report into a Hollywood smash. Annual reports tend to lack the plot twists and strong leading characters that drive cinematic extravaganzas. But that doesn’t mean your annual report can’t do its job in exquisite fashion and keep your audience gripped. With a professional partner to manage the process—and the right blend of design, imagery and copywriting—you can have a blockbuster of your very own. Read more
Everyone uses Google. And most people have heard of search engine optimisation. But what does it mean? And how can it help your business? SEO copywriting is not hocus-pocus. It’s a process based on simple principles. When these principles are applied consistently to your website, you can massively improve your business’ visibility online. Why would you want to do that? We refer you to the first three words of this paragraph. Discover how Fabrik can help your customers find you online. Read more
If we could control minds, we’d have retired long ago. We can’t force people to feel a certain way about your brand, but we can influence their feelings. Brand positioning is a rigorous process designed to give you a competitive advantage. By analysing your brand, and your competitors, we can help you build a strong and unique position in your sector. And, most importantly, in consumers minds. It’s impossible for your brand to please everyone all the time. Pleasing your target customers is all that matters. Don’t be anonymous. Be synonymous with something great. Read more
Fabrik is a brand strategy and digital design agency. We’re based in London, but go wherever work takes us. If you can’t find the services you’re looking for, it’s probably because we haven’t added it yet. We will, over time… In the meantime please drop us a line or give us a call for an informal chat.