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At Fabrik we apply joined-up thinking to produce joined up branding, marketing and creative design services. We must… these days, all communications, from digital campaigns to websites, and from traditional media to social outreach are connected. We always look at the bigger picture, constructing strategies and creative design solutions that work in the round. Our broad range of complementary services are essential to successful brand-building.

There's more to choosing the perfect company name than brainstorming words on a piece of paper. Your name is one of the most critical assets in the brand-building arsenal, and as such, it needs to be approached strategically and creatively. Fabrik is an expert in company naming strategy, capable of guiding you through every step of the naming process. Here's everything you need to know about Fabrik, the company naming strategists… Read more
Your company name is one of the most critical and enduring assets your business has. The right title will ensure that customers can recognise and empathise with you in the years to come. The wrong name could mean that you struggle to resonate in your chosen niche – no matter how much money you pour into marketing. Don't roll the dice with your brand names, discover the benefits of company naming consultancies with Fabrik… Read more
Names are an important part of your brand building strategy. The titles you give to your company (and your products) affect how your customers think and feel about your organisation. The question is, how do you choose the right company name when so many names have already been claimed? Fabrik is here to offer the company naming service you've been waiting for… Read more
A business name is more than just a title you throw onto your website pages, and product packaging. The moniker you choose will stay with you throughout the life of your brand, helping you to grow and establish connections with your target audience. If you want a title that truly appeals to your customer base, it's time to consider working with a dedicated company naming agency like Fabrik… Read more
Many companies assume that product naming is a simple process. They believe that after they're finished designing the ultimate product, the right name will simply come to them. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Since your product names can make or break your success in any marketplace, it's important to get them right first time. As a specialist product naming agency, Fabrik is here to help… Read more
Fabrik is a brand strategy and digital design agency. We’re based in London, but go wherever work takes us. If you can’t find the services you’re looking for, it’s probably because we haven’t added it yet. We will, over time… In the meantime please drop us a line or give us a call for an informal chat.