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Also known as our blog, Fabrikation is a rapidly changing collection of opinions, observations and outbursts from the people on our factory floor. They may be fabrikated, but they’re totally truthful, representing the diverse views of our craftsmen and women.

The perfect prospectus 

Recently, Fabrik completed a mini competitor audit (with focus groups) of MBA prospectuses as part of a wider education marketing and… More

Let’s stick together 

Let’s be honest ‘integrated marketing’ sounds a bit 90‘s doesn’t it? A bit old hat? Certainly not as on-trend as ‘helicopter… More

Online annual reports – the migration from print 

For marketing communications managers, the annual report design season comes around fast. It’s enough to send a shiver down the spine…. More

Have you lost your focus? 

At Fabrik, we’re crucially aware how important good quality photography is to the reputation of a business and the successful implementation of its brand… More