As we build brands and shape reputations, we rarely miss an opportunity to polish our own reputation. Brand Fabrik is a series of regular articles raising topical issues relevant to anyone in branding, digital design and marketing communications.

Green is the new black: How to stitch together sustainable fashion brands 

Can your style save the world? In an era where consumers are beginning to question the sustainability of the average business model, intelligent brands are adapting. We’re living in a world with new generations, new concerns, and modern values. Since brand loyalty today depends on the depth of your relationships with customers, it makes sense […]

Raising the stakes: How to solve your stakeholder communications problems 

Have you ever heard the phrase: “No man is an island”? It comes from a poem by John Donne, but it’s more than just a great piece of literature. It’s also an important concept to keep in mind when you’re trying to launch a successful company. Even if you’re a solo entrepreneur right now, you’ll […]

Current graphic design trends: Modern methods every brand should know 

Your visual identity is crucial to your business. No matter how great your product or message might be, your brand image will always affect your ability to engage and inspire people. The brand photography in your direct marketing campaigns dictates how people see your company, just like the colours on your website affect the way […]

Effective business communication: Conversations for a more competitive company 

Communication is a natural part of our everyday lives as human beings. Connecting with other people is part of how we thrive and survive, particularly in a world of digital transformation. So, if communication is so organic, why is it so hard to maintain the right conversations? In standard social settings, the wrong words or […]

Multi channel marketing: How to be everywhere at once 

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for modern marketers to stay one step ahead of consumers. The average customer has much more control over their purchasing process than they once did. Thanks to the proliferation of new channels, customers have more choices than ever when it comes to accessing information. They can connect with you on their […]

How to calculate keyword density and fulfil your SEO destiny 

What on earth is keyword density? Search engine optimisation isn’t rocket science, but it sometimes feels like it is. There are so many different elements involved in SEO that you practically need a degree in marketing to keep track of it all. Aside from keyword research, there’s also: Link strategies. Domain authority. Internal SEO. Meta […]

What is semantic search? Reading between the lines for your SEO strategy 

Businesses and marketing experts spend a lot of time and money learning to speak the language of search engines like Google. We know that if we want to connect with our target audience, we need to get on Google’s good side first. After all, the internet is a vast and often confusing place. Search engines […]

Cultivating a captive audience: Advertising tips to capture your customer’s attention 

Marketing in the modern age is about more than just delivering the right message to your customer. In a time where relationships are the key to any company’s success, brands need to find ways to engage and entertain their target audience. One of the biggest things driving the change in today’s marketing and advertising strategies […]

What is a marketing audit? Can your brand pass its marketing MOT? 

Marketing audits are a lot like the MOT of the business world. While you may dread the confusing, exhausting and often expensive process of digging around under the hood of your marketing mix, you know it’s crucial if you want to keep your company on the road to success. Fail to audit your marketing strategy […]

Your guide to corporate events: Exploring the value of experience 

The best corporate events are memorable. Unfortunately, the worst ones are difficult to forget too. Regardless of whether you’re organising a new product launch, a seminar, or just taking part in a charity promotion, you have an opportunity to make an impact when you’re part of an event. That impact has a direct correlation with […]

What is long form content? Creating marathon messages with structural precision 

Welcome to the goldfish paradox. We’re living in an era where people are constantly searching for quicker and more convenient ways to get their hands on valuable information. People browse social media on their phone, use apps to shop, and stream television, so they don’t have to sit through ads. In a world where everything […]

I spy ROI: How to measure your content marketing metrics 

Around 86% of marketers say they use content marketing to boost the promotion of their businesses. Yet, 66% have no idea how to effectively measure their marketing metrics. So, what’s the problem? Essentially, measuring content marketing effectiveness isn’t as simple as it seems. Content is naturally nebulous, and the way that your customers respond to […]

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