As we build brands and shape reputations, we rarely miss an opportunity to polish our own reputation. Brand Fabrik is a series of regular articles raising topical issues relevant to anyone in branding, digital design and marketing communications.

Infographic design: Some pictures are worth more than a 1,000 words… 

Everything you notice in today’s hyper-marketed world is carefully created to earn your attention. Whether it’s the drink you choose to go with your sandwich at lunch or the business card that catches your eye thanks to its striking logo, human beings are naturally wired to pay attention to images. As the world becomes increasingly […]

Feeling blue: A history of Bluetooth and the story behind the Bluetooth logo 

Sometimes, a logo becomes so deeply embedded in our culture, that we consider it a natural part of our surroundings. In fact, a brandmark can become so iconic, that you can forget it belongs to a brand at all. If you own a laptop, a smartphone, a computer, or any other electronic device, then there’s […]

Your mission, if you choose to accept it: Brand aims and objectives 

No matter how big or small your business might be, successful planning and strategy can pave the way to a more profitable, lucrative brand. When you first established your organisation, you probably came up with a “vision” for your future, based on what you want to accomplish within your target market. While it might be […]

Connecting with new customers: How to improve your market reach 

No matter what kind of company you run, you’ll always want more customers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a baker, butcher, or candle-stick maker. Finding more consumers will always be a fundamental part of keeping your organisation running. In an ideal world, every company would have the budget and resources they needed to bring their […]

No introduction needed: How iconic brands are born and why they thrive 

There are countless types of brand in the world today. However, while there are millions of successful brands, and thousands of dominant brands, there are only a handful of truly iconic brands. In the business world, we use the term “iconic” when referring to a company that pulls out all the stops. These are the […]

All shook up: Disruptive marketing techniques for the non-conventional marketer 

Sometimes, the traditional way of doing something isn’t always the best option. As reassuring as it might be to hold onto best practices and tried-and-tested strategies, sometimes rules really are there to be broken. At least – that’s the mindset of the disruptive brand. “Disruption” is a word we’ve begun to hear in many industries […]

Quintessentially British brands: The Virgin experience and how to brand it like Branson 

When did you lose your Virgin virginity? It doesn’t matter whether you’re a frugal saver in search of financial advice, a modern adventurer with an eye for air and rail, or an entertainment enthusiast, the chances are you have some interaction with the Virgin brand in your day-to-day life. Over almost five decades, the Virgin […]

Web psychology: Hacking customer experience with art and science 

When you go shopping, either online or in person, what factors make you choose one brand over another? Is there something about the packaging or the web page that you appreciate? Does the tagline put your mind at ease, do you simply feel loyal to the brand, or is it something else entirely? Customer purchasing […]

Branding strategies for startups: Giving your new venture the best start in life 

Are you ready for a change? You’re sick of your nine-to-five routine and collecting coffee for your boss each morning. Maybe you’ve noticed a common problem in a specific industry and you believe you have what it takes to solve it. No matter what’s prompted you to join the legion of startup brands, it’s safe […]

25 disruptive brands that changed the world you live in 

In a marketplace that’s more crowded than ever, today’s brands need to shout louder and accomplish more if they’re going to capture the attention of their target market. A resurgence of “disruptive marketing” has begun to lead the way as companies search for new innovations and new ways of speaking to their audience. Disruption is […]

Getting your brand in shape: The psychology of logo shapes 

Take a moment to think about all the iconic brands you know today. You might imagine companies like Apple, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, or Starbucks. However, as you draw each of these business names into focus, the chances are that you’ll see something else too: their logo. Whether it’s an apple or a pair of huge golden […]

When to go with your gut feeling: An insider’s view on trusting your instinct 

Despite what you might think – there’s no such thing as an “entirely logical” decision. We love to tell ourselves that we make choices based on the facts. For instance, you might say that you pay for services from a specific electrical company because of their low charges, or that you get your insurance from […]

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