Brand Fabrik: Steve Harvey

As we build brands and shape reputations, we rarely miss an opportunity to polish our own reputation. Brand Fabrik is a series of regular articles raising topical issues relevant to anyone in branding, digital design and marketing communications.

Getting to know all about you: Tips for better brand consistency 

How do you define the word “branding”? For many people, a brand is a culmination of features. It can include everything… More

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Bridging the digital divide: B2B vs B2C marketing (and where the 2 overlap) 

When you launch a company, one of the first distinctions you’ll have to make before you can start to establish a… More

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Boosting your brand integrity: It’s a matter of principle 

Which aspect of your brand is most important to your customers? Is it your ability to create state-of-the-art products and services?… More

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The power of emotional marketing: Once more with feeling 

No matter how much you like to think of yourself as a rational, logical person – human beings are slaves to… More

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Corporate bland? How to create a corporate branding strategy with style and substance 

These days, the world is packed full of companies. In fact, you can probably list quite a few of them off… More

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What’s the word on referral marketing? How to create a referral marketing strategy 

We’re living in a world where advocacy is everything. Let’s look at the numbers, shall we? Companies with a referral program… More

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External communication strategies: Finding your marketing megaphone 

Let’s face it, growing an effective business has never been easy. To start with, you need an incredible idea – something… More

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The benefits of an employer branding strategy: How to become a talent magnet 

There’s more to running a successful business than attracting plenty of valuable customers. If you want to stay ahead of the… More

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Who, what, why, and where? Your target audience definition 

There’s a common saying in the world of digital marketing that goes a little something like this: “If you try to… More

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The power of brand promise: Why it pays to be true to your word 

A promise is a commitment. Whether you swear that you’re going to return your friend’s laptop this Saturday or reassure your… More

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How to get corporate sponsorship: Your guide to seducing sponsors 

Finding cash for most charitable organisations is tough. Changing the world isn’t cheap, and when you don’t have a product to… More

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Lessons in alumni engagement: 9 alumni marketing strategies to boost fundraising 

Have you ever wondered how successful colleges and universities convince students to give something back to their Alma Mater? Those long… More

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